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Who Ends Up Together in Horimiya?

Who Ends Up Together in Horimiya?
Credit: CloverWorks

Horimiya features a lot of romantic relationships. One of which is the relationship between Hori and Miyamura. But among the anime couples in the show, who ends up together in Horimiya?

Aside from Hori and Miyamura, Horimiya also features the relationships between other side characters, such as Sengoku and Remi, as well as Toru and Yuki.

All of these characters will be returning in Horimiya: The Missing Pieces, which will feature stories from the manga that have not yet been adapted into the anime.

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Horimiya: A Simple Yet Comforting Romance Anime

CloverWorks has given high school romance a highlight with Horimiya, which revolves around the story of two polar opposites crossing paths with each other.

The story follows Kyouko Hori, an amiable girl with academic prowess, and Izumi Miyamura, a gentle loner. Both characters have different personalities outside of school.

In the high school rom-com anime series, Hori and Miyamura crossed each other's paths when they met again in Hori's house.

As the story progressed, Hori and Miyamura grew fond of each other, leading them to open up their hidden sides. In turn, they accepted each other's true selves.

In the third episode of Horimiya, Hori and Miyamura confessed their feelings to each other while watching a movie.

They held hands and grew even closer. In each other's understanding, Miyamura is Hori's and Hori is Miyamura's.

The trope of opposites attract proves true in the story of Horimiya.

As the story progressed, so did Hori and Miyamura's relationship: from being unlikely friends to being in a relationship.

Can You Match This Image to the Right Anime Classic?

Can You Match This Image to the Right Anime Classic?

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Did Hori and Miyamura End Up Together?

In the Horimiya manga, Hori and Miyamura end up as an engaged couple. But in the webcomic, they got married and were blessed with a son named Kyohei Miyamura.

This is great news for Hori and Miyamura shippers, as they do end up together.

With the anime series following the same arc as that of the manga, it will likely end up the same.

Growing stronger each day with the intimate connection they have, Hori and Miyamura slowly reveal their relationship to the people close to them and then to everyone else.

When Hori had a fever, Miyamura stayed by her side to watch over her. Hori heard Miyamura confess his feelings for her but did not respond as she was worried about their friendship.

Later, Hori's father visited her and asked if she is dating Miyamura. She answered with a straight yes, confirming her acceptance of Miyamura's confession.

Did Hori and Miyamura End Up Together?
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Credit: CloverWorks

After this, their relationship flourished and Hori even helped Miyamura chase his bullies away.

It is also revealed in the latter part of the manga that the two slept together.

After realizing they might be separated after the end of high school, Hori expressed that she wants to keep the relationship they have. Miyamura, in turn, asked for Hori's hand to marry him.

This is a clear indication that Hori and Miyamura were always meant to end up together.

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Who Ends Up Together in Horimiya?

Aside from Hori and Miyamura, the student council president, Sengoku Kakeru, also ends up with Remi Ayasaki.

They have been in a healthy relationship since high school, and they plan to marry in the future. In the webcomic, they also had a daughter named Shizuru.

On the other hand, things are a little different for Toru Ishikawa and Yuki Yoshikawa.

Not only did they not end up together, but their current state of affairs is also unknown. It is also uncertain whether they will ever become a couple.

It's unfortunate we haven't received any confirmation from the author about Toru and Yuki's relationship.

After all, even if other possible love interests challenge their relationship, the two of them deserve each other.

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