The 12 Best Romance Anime for Guys

The Best Romance Anime for Guys After the Rain
Credit: Wit Studio

The Best Romance Anime for Guys After the Rain
Credit: Wit Studio

Romance anime is not just for girls, and that’s a fact. While guys enjoy shounen and sports anime, they still have room in their hearts for some fluff, even if they don't admit it. With that, here are the 12 best romance anime for guys to binge-watch!

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  1. Call of the Night

    What more can a guy ask for in a romance anime than mesmerizing nightlights, colorful backdrops, and vampire girls? Trust me, Call of the Night is a far better love story than Twilight!

    Experience a different kind of night with Kou and Nazuna in Call of the Night.

    Have you ever wandered the streets late at night by yourself? Is it as if everything has changed?

    The night sky, the roads, and the buildings—everything about the world you live in becomes more beautiful all of a sudden.

    That was Kou's impression of the night he stayed out late for the first time. He not only met the lovely Nazuna, but he also discovered that she was a vampire who provided one-of-a-kind sleeping services.

  2. Vampire Knight

    Yes, another vampire-themed romance anime, but so what? This anime also includes vampire hunters, which adds to the suspense and intrigue of the plot.

    There's also a shocking plot twist at the end of Season 2 that you won't see coming!

    Vampire Knight follows Yuuki Cross, a young girl whose earliest memory is of being saved from another vampire who wants to kill her in the middle of a snowstorm by the pure-blood vampire, Kaname Kuran.

    Yuuki, now a cheeky student at Cross Academy, vows to keep the secret of the night class hidden from the day class, along with her childhood friend and vampire hunter, Zero Kiryuu.

  3. Special A

    Kei and Hikari are here to prove that there is romance in rivalry!

    Students at the prestigious Hakusenkan Academy are classified based on their intelligence. However, one class has only seven students who are the best of the best, and they are known as Special A.

    Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima, childhood friends and rivals, are members of the special class and compete for the top spot on a daily basis.

    Unbeknownst to Hikari, Takishima cherishes her and secretly hopes that one day she will be able to reciprocate his feelings.

  4. Tomo-chan Is a Girl!

    Tomo Aizawa and Junichirou Kubota have a special bond in this romance anime that dates back to their childhood. They are both muscle-brained, as karate is something Tomo's family does.

    This shaped Tomo's personality, and she grew up to be a tomboyish girl who both men and women feared.

    She didn't mind at first, but as her feelings for Jun develop, Tomo is confronted with a love problem unlike any other.

    Jun only sees Tomo as his brother, never mind a woman he wants to date and marry in the future.

    Will Tomo be able to persuade Jun to see her feminine side?

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  5. Kiss Him, Not Me

    In this Brain’s Base-produced romance anime, Kae Serinuma is a huge fan of anything BL (Boys' Love). She is a fujoshi who is only concerned with boys dating each other, whether in real life, video games, doujinshi, or anime.

    In a sudden turn of events, Serinuma suffered from depression following the death of her favorite character in the anime. She finally recovers after a week, only to find her reflection in the mirror has changed.

    Not only did she lose weight, but she also transformed into an unrecognizable, beautiful maiden!

    With her new look, Serinuma became the center of attention! Will Serinuma find love?

  6. My Bride Is a Mermaid

    Imagine yourself engaged to a mermaid. It sounds ethereal, right? But what if your mermaid fiancé comes from a yakuza family?

    In this wacky romance anime, Michishio Nagasumi’s fun summer outing turned into a disaster after he almost drowned at sea. Thanks to the mermaid, Seto Sun, Nagasumi was able to see another day in his life.

    The only problem is that Seto is a member of a yakuza mermaid family that forbids humans from even seeing, let alone touching, a member of their family.

    The only choice Nagasumi has is to marry Seto in order to avoid death!

    My Bride Is a Mermaid contains a lot of parody, references, and wacky moments as Nagasumi tries his hardest to protect Seto's secret and keep her family from killing him!

  7. Ranma ½

    This cult classic romance anime is timeless. Ranma ½ is a romance anime for guys who love martial arts, slapstick comedy, and the beautiful 90s art style.

    This Rumiko Takahashi series follows the everyday shenanigans of the peculiar engaged couple, Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo.

    After Ranma fell into the cursed springs in China, he turned into a girl whenever he got splashed with cold water.

    Together with his father, Genma, the two of them return to Japan, to meet with Soun Tendo and his daughters.

    Ranma had no idea that Genma and Soun had made a promise to marry their children in the future in order to save their dojo.

    Unfortunately, Ranma's fiancé was the tomboyish Akane! There was never a dull moment in the Tendo household after Akane discovered Ranma's personal dilemma!

  8. Honobono Log

    Honobono Log is a simple romance anime that can make viewers relate to each of its episodes, whether they are the sad or happy parts of being in a relationship.

    Besides that, the anime has a lovely art style that is soothing and relaxing to the eyes.

    It's a 2-minute episodic anime that will warm your heart with the mundane lives of couples.

    Expect little from this romance anime because it lacks a consistent plot like the others on the list.

    However, Honobono Log is a breath of fresh air, so anyone with an extra minute or two in their day can watch and enjoy it!

  9. After the Rain

    Age doesn’t matter, and for the beautiful high school student, Akira Tachibana, the right man for her is her 45-year-old manager at the Garden Café.

    After the Rain depicts Akira Tachibana's passion for track and field as well as her growing feelings for Masami Kondou.

    When Akira's foot was injured, she decided to leave the field and pursue other interests.

    She discovered Garden Café, and before she knew it, she was working part-time in the cafe to get closer to Masami Kondou.

    Will Akira be able to admit her feelings for Masami, and what will become of their relationship?

  10. Romeo x Juliet

    If you’re a fan of Shakespeare, watch Romeo x Juliet this instant, and you will never regret binge-watching this epic romance and fantasy anime.

    One thing is for sure: the plot of this romance anime is not what you’re expecting since there are a lot of differences.

    After the Capulet family was murdered, the Montagues seized Neo Verona, leaving only one child survivor named Juliet.

    Years passed, and Juliet assumed the identity of the Red Whirlwind, who secretly fought Montague's corruption and oppression in Neo-Verona.

    Soon after, fate intervenes when Juliet meets Romeo, and the two fall in love.

    Unfortunately, they discover each other's secret identities, and their lives are never the same again.

  11. Love After World Domination

    What happens when the hero falls in love with the villain? Will they compromise with one another and live peacefully?

    In this super sentai romance anime, the leader of the Gelato Five, Fudo, is secretly going out with Reaper Princess, the leader of the evil organization, Gekko.

    While their teammates are fighting, the two of them take their time getting to know one another.

    Love After World Domination has a simple yet unique concept that will keep you interested and eager for more episodes.

    Its sense of humor is so spot-on that even the most ridiculous scenes between Desumi and Fudo will make you laugh out loud!

  12. Utakoi

    Utakoi is unlike any other romance anime on this list in that it incorporates Hyakunin Isshu love poems into its episodes.

    The Hyakunin Isshu contains hundreds of poems written by famous poets during the Nara Period and early Kamakura Period

    This romance and historical anime is episodic in nature, and it features various types of love stories, whether they are hilarious, sad, or heartbreaking.

    The audience will also be taken back in time when females were confined to their estates or palaces, and aristocracy is a recurring theme.

    Utakoi is a very underrated romance anime, owing to its unique art style and premise. If you enjoy history and literature, you should watch Utakoi!

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