Will There Be a Helck Season 2? Release Date News and Predictions

Will There Be a Helck Season 2? Release Date Predictions and News Helck
Credit: Satelight

Will There Be a Helck Season 2? Release Date Predictions and News Helck
Credit: Satelight

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The Helck anime is getting rave reviews from fans and critics alike for its interesting storyline and charismatic characters. However, fans wonder if a second season is on the cards. So, is Helck Season 2 happening? Here's what we know so far!

The Helck anime is based on the manga of the same name by Nanaki Nanao.

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Helck: An Action-Fantasy Series With a Unique Premise

Following the death of the Demon Lord at the hands of a human warrior, humanity celebrates the end of his tyrannical rule.

It has been three months since the defeat of the Demon Lord, and now, the Demon Realm is hosting a tournament to choose his successor.

The frontrunner in the contest is Helck, a human hero who openly professes his disdain for his own people.

Not everyone is pleased with the prospect of a human ascending to the position of the next Demon Lord, particularly Vamirio the Red.

Her sole desire is to safeguard the demon-kind and prove Helck as their prime enemy, even if she has to manipulate the tournament to do so.

Is Helck Season 2 Happening?

Helck Season 2 updates
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Credit: Satelight

As of writing, Helck Season 1’s first cour is nearing its conclusion. Season 1, which is listed for two continuous cours, is slated to have a half-year run and will continue until the end of 2023.

Meanwhile, there is no official news yet about Helck getting renewed for a second season.

But with an above-average rating of 7.21 on MyAnimeList, Helck has a strong chance to get a second season.

Furthermore, there is a wealth of source material available from the Helck manga that could be used for the production of Season 2.

Which Arcs Will Helck Season 2 Cover?

Vamirio the Red Helck Season 2
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Each episode of Helck Season 1 covers three chapters. With this, it is likely that by the end of the first season, the anime will have covered until Chapter 71 or 72 of the Helck manga.

So, Helck Season 2 is expected to cover the final arc of the manga, which is the Save the Humans arc.

Helck Season 2 Release Date Predictions

Hon from Helck
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Due to the lack of any confirmation about Helck Season 2, there is also no release date for it yet.

However, if we were to predict a release date, it is possible that Helck Season 2 might see the light of day in late 2024 or early 2025.

Where to Watch Helck Season 2

Helck Season 2 where to watch
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Helck Season 1 is currently available for streaming on HIDIVE, making it quite probable that HIDIVE will also offer the second season of Helck once it becomes available.

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