Is Helck Evil? His True Intentions Explained

Is Helck Evil Explained
Credit: Satelight

Is Helck Evil Explained
Credit: Satelight

Helck is a shounen anime and manga series that features a very unique and mysterious protagonist. Helck is humanity’s strongest hero, but he wants to become the next demon king! It’s blasphemy for humans, and there's an uproar in the demon empire! So, is Helck evil?

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Helck manga and anime series.

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What’s the Deal With Helck?

In Helck, demons and humans are fighting each other due to some sort of misunderstanding in the incident at Urum Castle, where the late demon king Urum once resided.

The war should’ve ended a long time ago, but the humans, particularly the nobles, were plotting a devious plan that would not only harm their own kind but also the other creatures in the world.

In the eyes of humans, the demons were sending hundreds and thousands of monsters to wreak havoc on their homes.

They are constantly guarding themselves against these monsters, all the while holding a huge grudge against the demons who took people’s lives.

Because of this, the humans, especially the nobles, want to turn the tables in their favor, particularly the wizard Mikaros, the talented swordsman Rafaed, as well as the human King, who has complete authority over the kingdom and its resources, including the awakened heroes.

What’s the Deal With Helck?
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Credit: Satelight

As it turns out, the nobles only want to rule over the world by using commoners and peasants as pawns in their grand plan.

For instance, the nobles want to create a portal where awakened heroes can easily go to the demon empire.

But most importantly, they are even willing to use the hero Cless for their own gain, much to Helck’s dismay.

The brothers are fighting for justice, yet they were fooled by the same people who took them in when they were young.

On the contrary, the demons are puzzled by the sudden uprising of humans.

The hero Cless killed the Demon King Urum and destroyed his castle, in the belief that once he was gone, the monsters would stop coming to their village.

But all Cless did was for naught, as the monsters still haunt their homes, claiming human lives on a daily basis.

Because of this, Helck decided to go to Urum Castle to check if the demon king was still alive.

But it was Azudora of the Four Heavenly Kings who welcomed Helck and told him about the truth.

In fact, Azudora still wishes to offer peace with the humans if possible, which Helck contemplated a lot on his way back to the human realm.

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What Did Go Wrong in Helck?

What Did Go Wrong in Helck?
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Credit: Satelight

While Cless is away fighting the demon king Urum, Helck has been actively fighting and fending off monsters in his own way in Edil’s village, along with Alicia and her group of mercenaries.

Helck never thought that he could fight, given his disinterest in warfare. But due to his innate hero abilities and a well-built frame, Helck can defend an entire village from hundreds and thousands of monsters with ease.

After Cless returned with critical injuries, Zell took it upon himself to tell Helck and Alicia the reality behind the castle doors.

The nobles are willing to sacrifice the commoners for their own gain by turning them into awakened heroes who don’t have a sense of self.

As a result, Helck and his comrades decide to ambush the nobles, only to fail.

Not only did Helck fail to save his brother Cless, but he also lost his comrades, including Zell, Alicia, and Edil.

They were awakened, but their case was special, unlike the other humans who turned.

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It was only Helck who managed to get away thanks to the efforts of his comrades.

So, with no other place to go, Helck decided to come to the demon empire, where he remembered a poster that talked about a tournament for the next demon king.

He decided to go for it in the hopes that he would win the tournament.

Of course, Azudora’s stand-in, Vamirio, became suspicious of Helck. She doesn’t trust him because he is a human, even though Helck would always say that he detests humans the most in the world.

It was only after Helck and Vamirio got lost on a faraway island that their relationship began to prosper.

Vamirio found out about Helck’s past, and the two of them had an understanding as well as a special agreement.

Helck gave the remaining part of Alicia’s hero-killer sword to Vamirio. He wants Vamirio to use it against him, in the moment he lost himself to rage and grief brought upon by their circumstances.

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So, Is Helck Evil?

No, Helck is not evil; rather, he is an ally of both humans and demons alike. He wants to protect both kinds from the devious plans of the nobles and, at the same time, keep the peace between the two species.

Ultimately, Helck wants to save his comrades and turn everything back to normal once again.

But the path that Helck has chosen is a hard and long one, given the ruthlessness of the human king and the powers and abilities of both Mikaros and Rafaed.

In reality, Helck is a very sweet and humble man with the kindest and warmest smile.

Everyone loves his smile, including Vamirio and Alicia, who were always saved by Helck’s encouraging and healing grin.

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