Do Helck and Vamirio End Up Together in Helck?

Do Helck and Vamirio End Up Together in Helck?
Credit: Satelight

Do Helck and Vamirio End Up Together in Helck?
Credit: Satelight

The human hero Helck goes to the Demon Empire to join the tournament for the next Demon King! There, he encounters Vamirio, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, who will do anything to stop him! They are natural enemies, but do Helck and Vamirio end up together in Helck?

Helck is an adventure and fantasy anime that follows the human hero Helck as he enters the Demon King tournament overseen by Vamirio on behalf of Azudora.

But what is Helck’s true motivation for entering the tournament? Is he an ally or a foe?

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Helck manga.

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Does Vamirio Like Helck?

Does Vamirio Like Helck?
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Credit: Satelight

Yes, Vamirio likes Helck, but it’s not because she has feelings for the human hero. She likes Helck because of his kind and warm personality, his unconditional love for his comrades, his never-giving-up principle, and, of course, his soothing smile.

At first, Vamirio detests Helck just because he comes from the human race. She suspected Helck the moment she saw him fighting demons in the next Demon King tournament.

In addition, Vamirio believes that Helck has ulterior motives that will bring destruction to the demon empire, for instance, killing all the demon warriors he faces in the tournament.

Vamirio did everything in her power to stop Helck from winning matches in the tournament but to no avail.

She can’t bring down Helck, even after she teamed up with Hon to prepare biased and unfair matches like cooking, tower card building, and so on.

During the final stage of the tournament where Vamirio asked the participants to retrieve the Urum Kingdom, she stumbled upon winged humans who might have something to do with Helck’s true intentions.

However, Vamirio and Helck wandered off to a faraway island after they were sucked into Mikaros’ teleportation gate.

That’s when things began to progress between Vamirio and Helck, although they really had a rough start.

Vamirio doesn’t trust Helck, and she can’t help but suspect his intentions in the Demon Empire.

In fact, Vamirio believes that Helck is a much bigger threat than the winged heroes who killed Urum, due to his current level.

As the days went by, Vamirio began to see Helck in a different light. Not only did Vamirio find out about Helck’s painful past, but she also began to change her perspective on the human race.

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Does Helck Like Vamirio?

Does Helck Like Vamirio?
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Credit: Satelight

Yes, Helck likes Vamirio, but not because he has feelings for the powerful demon. He likes Vamirio because she is his comrade and friend, even though he feels Vamirio’s suspicions behind his back from time to time.

Helck sees Vamirio as a young girl who has the ability to fend for herself. He is impressed with Vamirio’s fire magic and her tenacity and viciousness in battle.

But for Helck to have a romantic interest at a time when humanity is the biggest threat, it will most likely not happen, at least for the time being.

Unfortunately, Helck is still being held down by his past. He wants to correct humanity’s biggest mistake, turn his comrades back to their original selves, and save everyone dear to him, including the demons.

Helck can only do this if he sets his mind in the right direction, follows Vamirio’s voice, and prevents himself from being consumed by rage.

In the past, Helck has been very close with Alicia, the leader of the mercenaries he stumbled upon in Edil’s village.

They fought together for quite a long time, defending the village from hundreds and thousands of monsters.

Eventually, Alicia grew fond of Helck, but the latter is incredibly dense. Their romantic relationship did not happen, unfortunately, after they learned about the real intentions of the nobles against the normal citizens.

Things began to escalate, and Helck found himself fighting his brother, Cless, brought about by the evil plans of Makiros, Rafaed, and the King.

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What’s more, Alicia and the rest of his comrades were forcefully awakened as heroes, becoming winged humans who became Helck and Vamirio’s enemies in the present time.

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Do Helck and Vamirio End Up Together?

Do Helck and Vamirio End Up Together in Helck?
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Credit: Satelight

Helck and Vamirio did not end up together. They have been comrades, fighting side by side to defeat Makiros, Rafaed, and the King for quite a while now.

There’s no romantic tension as well, at least from the perspective of Helck.

But it’s unclear whether Vamirio’s feelings for Helck are romantic or if they're only admiration for the human hero who never gives up in the face of adversity.

What is certain for now is that Helck and Vamirio treat each other with respect.

They value each other’s trust, and they also believe in the same thing: that humans and demons can coexist like they used to in the past.

Helck trusts Vamirio so much that he even lends her the remaining parts of the hero-killer sword owned by Alicia.

He asked Vamirio to use the hero-killer sword on him the moment he got consumed by rage and destroyed everything.

But Vamirio is more than determined not to let this happen to Helck.

She knows what she needs to do to help Helck, and she will stop at nothing to save humanity, protect the demon race, and make Helck the new human king.

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