Hawkeye Finale: Is [SPOILERS] Dead? Did [SPOILERS] Kill Him?

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

We have been served with an amazing finale for a limited series, Hawkeye, as it answered most of our questions albeit creating new ones. It is so jam-packed that every scene meant something and everyone involved did their fair share of making it awesome. However, something puzzled many people: is Kingpin dead? Did Maya Lopez kill him? Well, the death could be that of Kazi but still, the supervillain just arrived. Is that it?

Hawkeye Finale: Is Kingpin Dead? Did Maya Lopez Kill Him?

Hawkeye Finale: Is Kingpin Dead? Did Maya Lopez Kill Him?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Hawkeye Finale: Is Kingpin Dead? Did Maya Lopez Kill Him?

Kingpin had a tough fight when he faced Kate Bishop alone in something that looks like a toy store. He seemed invincible at first, not caring how many arrows puncture his skin as if he doesn’t get hurt at all. He even cornered Kate and broke all the arrows that she had. Thankfully, an electro-magnetic arrow saves the day and it didn’t fail Kate at all.

By the end of the episode, the Tracksuit mafia was looking for Kingpin and he is no longer down in the toy store. Kingpin is seen walking on the streets and he has a wound, slowing him down. Maya approached him and he didn’t expect that it would be her who he will be seeing.

Maya, now enlightened with everything, held a gun on her hand and Kingpin tried to negotiate as he described that families, sometimes, gets into a mess that one carries for the other. When Maya was about to get his hand up to the face of Kingpin carrying a gun, the camera pans as well and a shooting sound was heard, not even showing whether Maya successfully killed Kingpin.

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Well, the easy answer is that he remains alive. Kingpin just debuted. He’s so big of a supervillain to dispatch him just like that. Theory is that Maya Lopez didn’t kill Kingpin and she shot the gun somewhere else, perfectly creating an illusion to create a question of whether he is dead or not.

Hawkeye Finale is now streaming on Disney Plus.