Hawkeye Finale's Mid-Credits Scene is Something No One Saw Coming

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Credit: Marvel Studios
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Over the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's history, we've seen some pretty riveting and jaw-dropping mid-credits scenes come out of their projects but the one fans saw from the Hawkeye series finale just might take the cake for being the weirdest credits scene yet in the billion-dollar franchise and trust me, it's not something you would expect.

Credit: Marvel Studios

Naturally, fans were expecting the mid-credits scene to be filled with teasers and things to expect in Phase Four, something that Marvel Studios frequently does but this time around, they decided to lighten the mood a bit and give fans some Holiday cheer.

Instead of getting the usual credits scene we've grown accustomed to, Hawkeye's final episode just showed us an extended look at the Steve Rogers Musical that was briefly featured in the first episode. It was pretty odd, to say the least, but quite refreshing at the same time.

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It's already safe to say that Kevin Feige and his crew knocked another one out of the park with Hawkeye and judging by the stuff that transpired during the finale and the fact that there were tons of questions left unanswered — from Yelena's failed mission to Kingpin's status, I have a good feeling that the show is getting renewed for a second season and honestly, it shouldn't come as a surprise if Marvel pulled the trigger.

All episodes of Marvel Studios' Hawkeye are now available for streaming on Disney+.