Gundam: Witch from Mercury's Bloody Finale Censored in Surprising Fashion

Gundam: Witch from Mercury Censored Suletta

Gundam: Witch from Mercury Censored Suletta

It has been well over a month now since the Season 1 finale, but fans are still talking about the gruesome 12th episode. Though some noticed that the Gundam: Witch from Mercury finale was censored in a surprising fashion in a particular network.

Recently, some Korean Gundam fans noticed that the series’ broadcast on a Korean TV network was censored.

Instead of cutting out parts though, it seems that this version of the finale changed the colors in a pivotal scene.

The Witch from Mercury Finale Reactions

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The Gundam franchise has always been no stranger to dark and grim events.

So, it was surprising for many that the latest series, The Witch from Mercury, started with a lighter tone, complete with some slice-of-life elements.

Of course, some darker events were bubbling in the background, but in the initial episodes, the series was a surprising turn for the franchise. At least, that was until the latter half of the first season.

Its finale upped the ante in terms of brutality though. Aside from seeing Guel Jeturk unknowingly kill his father, the episode also had a disturbing post-credits scene where Suletta brutally crushed an enemy into a pulp.

While it’s not the goriest anime scene out there, the fact that Suletta was seemingly unaffected by this added to the disturbing nature of the scene.

Long-time Gundam fans were satisfied with this finale as it proves that the new show is true to the series’ roots.

However, it did receive complaints from some Japanese TV viewers.

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Gundam: Witch from Mercury Censored in Korea

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The scene didn’t show any flying body parts, but it did turn an enemy into a blood splatter.

On streaming sites and Japanese TV, this moment was not altered. But that wasn’t the case in Korea.

Recently, The Witch from Mercury aired on Korean TV through Tooniverse, an anime-focused channel by CJ ENM.

While no major cuts were made, some fans noticed that the blood splatter was turned from a deep red to black.

Fans joked about the obvious censorship of the scene, with some saying that it looked like soy sauce or "jajang" sauce.

Given that such a scene got complaints and was already censored in certain broadcasts, fans hope that this won’t affect the portrayal of violence in the upcoming season.

But we’ll have to wait and see when Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Season 2 premieres this April.

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