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Gundam: Witch from Mercury Shocks Fans With Brutal Finale

Gundam Witch from Mercury Finale Miorine

The show’s first season may have ended, but it did so with a bang (or maybe a splatter would be more accurate). After the Gundam: The Witch from Mercury finale aired, fans were left in a state of shock following the episode’s brutal events.

While the show’s 12th episode was delayed due to the holidays, it did not disappoint as the episode quickly trended on social media platforms because of the shocking events that unfolded involving Suletta Mercury and Guel Jeturk.

Spoiler Warning: There are major Witch from Mercury Episode 12 spoilers in this article.

Guel Jeturk’s Harrowing Moment

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While Suletta Mercury's final moment was no doubt the most shocking part of the finale, Guel’s dark and heartbreaking moment easily takes second place when it comes to shock value.

In the show’s recent events, Guel finds himself a captive of the Dawn of the Fold, a terrorist group that’s attacking Plant Quetta to kill Delling Rembran.

When an opportunity presents itself, Guel manages to break free and steal a Mobile Suit.

As he heads to Plant Quetta to help Suletta, Guel is stopped by a Mobile Suit that’s piloted by none other than his father, Vim Jeturk.

Vim tries to stop Guel, thinking that he’s a terrorist, but Guel manages to get the upper hand and take down his father's Mobile Suit.

Guel is then horrified when he realizes that he accidentally killed Vim.

Following the grim Jeturk duel, fans reacted online to what happened. Many responded with shock because of how dark what happened was.

Some also noted how Guel finally won a duel in this episode after constantly losing since the start of the series. Though this is far from the win that they envisioned.

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The Witch from Mercury: Suletta’s Brutal Post-Credits Finale

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The Witch from Mercury started off seeming like a slice-of-life show, but it has flashed its darker moments such as Elan’s clone getting annihilated and the recent Jeturk duel.

But the post-credits scene of Episode 12 takes the cake when it comes to brutality.

In the middle of the episode, Suletta was horrified by Prospera killing terrorists to save her. Though Prospera reassures her that it was the right thing to do.

It seems that this has turned a switch in Suletta’s mind as she can now seemingly kill without remorse, as shown in the post-credits scene where she brutally crushes a terrorist that tried to kill Delling and Miorine Rembran.

While it’s already a brutal scene on its own, what made it even worse was how casual and cheerful Suletta was after doing so. Meanwhile, Miorine looks on, horrified, calling her a murderer.

Because of this scene, fans shared their shock and disbelief about what happened.

In fact, discussions and memes about this moment have taken over the #G_Witch hashtag on Twitter and the show’s Reddit discussion thread.

This chilling and disturbing end to the first season is likely a major turning point for the series.

Given the finale, there’s no doubt that many fans are interested in what happens next in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Season 2 which premieres in Spring 2023.

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