Gotham Season 3 Will See a New Love Triangle

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Gotham fans may be looking at a new face beside Dr. Leslie "Lee" Thompkins once the third season for the series opens.

While there has been talk of a new face in the form of Falcone's son Mario (to be played by James Carpinello), it's now been confirmed that his role will also include being the love interest of Jim Gordon's girl from last season.


Speaking to Comicbook Resources, Morena Baccarin who plays the role of Lee, confirmed that she'll be coming back to the show with a new man in tow.

"This new love interest is going to be very interesting because we've only ever seen Leslie with Jim. We've only ever seen their love story. And now there's something for him to work for. So it'll be … it's exciting as an actor to play that conflict. He's certainly not a choir boy, so we'll see what happens with his life. It will not be easy. So they'll have something to work towards."

From the first episode, fans will see that Lee and Gordon are in different places, now made more complicated by the fact that she has a new man now.

Baccarin also offered some clue as to what fans can expect of Mario Falcone. Following the events of season 2, it seems that Lee is now looking for a guy who's more of the caring and cool-headed type, the latter of which doesn't seem to be Ben McKenzie's sort of Gordon in Gotham.

Gotham will return for its third season on Sept. 19.

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