Ghostbusters VR Game Lets You Experience Hunting Down Ghosts

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Resident Evil 7 may still be the reigning terrorize-the-nights horror games on VR in the market. But if you're a fan of the ghost busting more than you are busting your pants with surprise scares, then this new and unexpectedly now available VR game, Ghostbusters: Now Hiring may be for you.

A trailer has been released to showcase just what you can do in the game. And from the looks of it—you get to become your very own Ghostbuster, complete with tools and ghost roaring the living daylights out of you just a few steps from your face.


The release of the game is actually surprising as there hasn't been any fanfare to welcome it in. Now it's already out on the PS VR, and according to iO9, it will be an episodic release.

According to Sony Pictures' Jake Zin, the first episode was released to see how the game will be received. From there, success will mean the studio can then release the second season.

The good thing about Ghostbusters: Now Hiring is that Ivan Reitman, who had been responsible for directing the original movie, was also heavily involved in creating the project, hence giving it an iconic feel. Case in point, Reitman even suggested that the game include the Ghostbusters Icon Ghost for a guide.

If you're interested in checking out a new game, the episode's already out in the US PlayStation Store for $7.

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