Avengers: Infinity War Directors Gets a Sci-fi Movie Underway

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Production for Avenger: Infinity War is in full swing in Atlanta, so you can just assume that the director brothers Anthony and Joe Russo have their hands full.

However, that doesn't mean they aren't moving in other directions by way of other movies. Deadline reported that the brother directors have just had a deal with Daniel Scheinart and Daniel Kwan, known for their work in Swiss Army Man.

No details have been divulged yet about the upcoming movie, but what's known is that it will be an original sci-fi movie. The Swiss Army Man is supposed to be the inspiration in terms of the originality of the film.


It's hard to forget the film where you see Daniel Radcliffe is a corpse the entire time. And not only that, he's just so full of gas, quite literally. For the untitled sci-fi movie, the Russo brothers will reportedly be producers alongside The Daniels. The latter will be in charge of writing, directing, and producing the film.

The Daniels' ideas when it comes to films have always been on the unique side (fart-powered corpse rocket, anyone?), and in a previous interview, they even noted that their approach can be tricky because their ideas are just as tricky to pull off. Because of that, they've dubbed their movie ideas to be "bad" hence no one else wanting to make them.

While that statement is already a massive miscalculation on their part, we know that the Russos have their own signature, which hasn't really failed to impress. Are we looking at an ensemble movie of sorts with so many characters? That would be a perfect approach to the brother directors' strength. Whatever the case, we'll be waiting to see where the Russos and the Daniels will take the sci-fi genre to.

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