Final Fantasy XV Director Talks Balancing FFXV & FF Versus XIII Creation

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Game Director Hajime Tabata has said time and again that Final Fantasy XV is different from previous titles in the franchise. We know that one reason is that the creators are trying to up their game for Final Fantasy, and FFXV is the answer to that challenge.

It appears that the other reason is that Final Fantasy XV is supposed to be a different game, previously announced almost a decade earlier in the form of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

In an interview with GAME, seen below, Tabata shares the challenge (and good things) that came with developing the game from two different standpoints and two possibly varying audiences.

"There are people who have been waiting for that since when it was first announced, and you've got to take that into account, what those players are looking for in the game... You've gotta work towards the needs of both of those different fan groups. Even though it's a tricky thing working towards both of these groups' expectations, on the other hand, I feel I've been supported by these fans right through development."

While Tabata has been a game developer for years, his experience had been mostly tied to handheld games. He shares that, compared to handheld, console games take away the limitations, which allowed them to make the biggest scale possible, coupled with what Square Enix can do.


Final Fantasy XV is already out on the PS4 and Xbox One. There's even a bonus release for Japanese players, as Sony has recently unveiled its limited edition lineup of FFXV music-related gadgets.

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