Harry Potter Movies Edited Into a 70-Minute Video

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The holidays are always a great way to binge on your favorite movies—especially those in the trilogies, sequels, prequels, and sagas department.

However, if you’re the type to binge-watch Harry Potter—but really, who hasn’t done this?—one fan may have the solution for those who just don’t have the time to sit through all eight films.


Fan Tim Stiefler has created a special treat for could-be fans of Harry Potter. Dubbed Wizardhood, the video spans an hour and 18 minutes long. That’s a far cry from the original—in fact, it doesn’t even cover half of the first movie by itself. Of course, since it’s been condensed into the shortest possible state that JK Rowling’s can give, expect that a lot of scenes didn’t make the cut.

A lot of the scenes don’t involve all the flittering magic and friendship touches. This means that the creator probably avoided dwelling on areas that mostly showcased fantasy rather than progressing the plot further. Still, those can be considered as little issues, which can be easily remedied by having an insanely big Harry Potter fan fill you in on the details.


Wizardhood from Tim Stiefler on Vimeo.


In a nutshell, the Vimeo video is mostly a teaser into the Harry Potter world. Or, for those who are looking to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but would want to get a glimpse of what’s waiting on the other side with Harry Potter, then this is a nice mini movie saga to catch.

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