Final Fantasy XV Music Gear is a Must-have

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With Final Fantasy XV already here, it's no surprise that fans would want to extend their love for it besides the actual game.

This is the reason why copies of the game's Ultimate Collector's Edition and other limited edition bundles have been selling like hotcakes.

If you're one of those who weren't able to get their hands on a good FFXV merch, then this new announcement from Sony may just make your day--provided you're in Japan or have someone who can get it for you.


Sony has announced (via The Verge) that it will be releasing a Sony Walkman A-Series Final Fantasy XV limited edition device. It will feature 16GB of storage, with Hi-Res Audio support, and as a swag, the pixel art versions of the four brothers-in-arms in Final Fantasy XV.

The UI also boasts some differences by way of special icons, as seen in the video above. This Sony Walkman A-series will be sold for 33,880 yen (approx. $300).

For those who'd rather wear their merch than hide it in their pockets, Sony is also releasing the Final Fantasy XV MDR-100A headphones and the hear.go SRS-HG1 Bluetooth speaker, which cost 29,480 yen (approx. $220) and 29,380 yen (approx. $260) respectively. They're both pictured below, and I have to say, the headphones are pretty nice. Though I wouldn't mind seeing the pixel art replace the numbers.

So far, there's no announcement on the FFXV merch being made available in Sony Stores outside Japan, so if there was ever a great time to go there, now would be it.

Final Fantasy XV is already out on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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