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Ezra Miller Shock: 'Troubled' The Flash Actor 'In A Tailspin' Amid Assault Allegations And Grooming Scandal? DCEU Reportedly Unlikely To Retain Erin Urb's Ex In The Future

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Ezra Miller rose to stardom after they debuted in the feature film called Afterschool. Their exemplary performance as Robert in the said movie helped them land more remarkable roles such as Kevin in the 2012 flick We Need to Talk About Kevin and Patrick in the 2013 film titled The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

In recent times, Ezra Miller has made headlines for multiple legal disputes since shooting for The Flash. Entertainment Weekly reported the American actor, who was previously arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment in Hawaii, has been accused of grooming and manipulating an 18-year-old teen from North Dakota.

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Now, a new report suggests that Ezra Miller, who is poised to be the next big superhero, is spiraling into increasingly “erratic” and possibly “career-ending” behavior. Keep on reading to know more details.

Is Ezra Miller’s Career Hitting Rock Bottom Amid These Bizarre Allegations?

Star Magazine, in its upcoming July 18, 2022 issue, shared that Ezra Miller previously bragged to a reporter about the “polyamorous” community he had built. Then, the Fantastic Beasts actor, who uses they/them pronouns, shared a personal #MeStory about an unnamed director and producer, claiming they were given wine when they were underaged.

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Ezra Miller even commended those who have stepped forward and spoken out about abuse, saying:

“It’s a great f**kin’ age of being like, ‘You know what? That s**t’s unacceptable.”

However, as of late, Ezra Miller is being called out after a report painted them as a violent and manipulative abuser who has preyed on nonbinary youth and endangered kids. The parents of two young people have filed protective orders against the actor.

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Unnamed sources even told Star Magazine that a young mother and her children – all between the ages of one and five – have been living on Ezra Miller’s farm in Vermont, which is reportedly surrounded by an arsenal of g*ns and illegal m*rijuana.

An industry insider shared that Ezra Miller, who is poised to be the next big star in the DC Comics universe in 2023’s standalone The Flash, “is in a tailspin.” Of the 29-year-old actor, an unidentified informant told the entertainment news outlet:

“In the early part of their career, they were well-behaved, charismatic and popular. But the consensus is Ezra went for a long time with nobody telling them no.”

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As per Star Magazine, the downward spiral first become palpable when a clip of Ezra Miller choking a woman in a Reykjavik bar surfaced in April 2020. Two years later, the Justice League star got arrested multiple times in Hawaii, which included for allegedly throwing a chair at a 26-year-old woman that caused her injuries.

More shocking reports surfaced afterward, including one claiming that adults on Ezra Miller’s Vermont property have been farming m*rijuana and smoking it around youngsters. Unnamed insiders, as per Star Magazine, even told the publication that there were a number of unsecured firearms in the house and that a one-year-old baby “picked up a loose bullet and put it in her mouth."

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However, the child’s mother reportedly called the farm of Ezra Miller “a safe environment” after escaping “a violent and abusive ex.” As per The Daily Beast, another parent and her 12-year-old were granted a temporary harassment protection order against the actor, who allegedly behaved “inappropriately” toward the child and brandished a gun in a threatening manner.

In June, The Los Angeles Times reported that Standing Rock activist Chase Iron Eyes and his wife, Sara Jumping Eagle, filed for a protective order, alleging Ezra Miller has used “violence, intimidation, [the] threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions and drugs to hold sway” over their 18-year-old daughter, Native American activist Tokata Iron Eyes, since the age of 14.

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However, in her Instagram, Tokata Iron Eyes explained that Ezra Miller “has only provided loving support and invaluable protection.” As of press time, it appears that The Flash actor is in hiding as the court was reportedly unable to locate them to enforce the 30-day order barring them from contacting Tokata or her family.

With The Flash slated to premiere in June 2023, Ezra Miller’s career is on hold. An informant told Star Magazine:

“The Flash is great and bosses don’t want to ditch it. But, it’s hard to see Ezra coming back from this.”

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Ezra Miller has yet to respond to the new allegations being thrown at him.

Will DCEU Retain Ezra Miller As The Flash In The Future?

Meanwhile, Variety suggested that Ezra Miller would unlikely remain as the DCEU’s big-screen Flash for the foreseeable future. Informants told the entertainment news outlet that:

"Even if no more allegations surface, the studio won’t likely keep Miller in the Flash role in future DC films. That would mean replacing him in the future, but there is still a $200 million investment on the line with the first film and Warner Bros execs have to be cringing at each new press report."

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Fans have also taken to social media to call to replace the big-screen Flash (Ezra Miller) with the small-screen Flash (Grant Gustin). Since The Flash does not hit theaters until June 23, 2023, it remains to be seen whether Warner Bros. Is keeping or replacing Ezra Miller amid all the controversies they are facing.


Warner Bros. reportedly has high hopes for The Flash. As a matter of fact, the imminent comic book adventure, which finished production in 2021, has been extraordinarily well-received in early test screenings. Also, at a time when superhero adaptations are largely saturated with straight actors, Ezra Miller, who is nonbinary and queer, feels like a refreshingly progressive choice to headline a could-be crowd-pleasing blockbuster movie.

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