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Princess Charlene Heartbreak: Royal Being Pushed Too Hard By Prince Albert? Former Olympian Reportedly In Tears Behind Closed Doors Despite Brave Front In Public

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Credit: Frankie Fouganthin, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Princess Charlene is slowly readjusting to royal duties after remaining largely out of the public eye over the last 18 months. The wife of Prince Albert spent a total of 10 months in South Africa in 2021 after she contracted a sinus infection that later required surgery.

The former Olympian returned to Monaco in November but was there for a matter of days before leaving for a Swiss treatment facility. Unfortunately for her fans, the exact nature of her condition was not made public but Prince Albert said Princess Charlene was “exhausted.”

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Now, a new report claims that Princess Charlene is close to another collapse after she was allegedly pushed into a grueling schedule of public appearances. Keep on reading to know more details.

Is Princess Charlene On A Brink Of Another Collapse?

Globe, in its upcoming July 11, 2022 issue, reported that Princess Charlene is in tears behind closed doors at the palace despite putting on a brave face for crowds and cameras. Sources fear that the 44-year-old royal is on the verge of a breakdown less than two months after Prince Albert made her resume joint public appearances.

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An unnamed source told the entertainment news outlet:

“Charlene’s still being paraded like a show pony and the regimen she’s been given is punishing, to say the least. Every waking hour is mapped out for her and she’s often on her feet for hours at a time.”

Of Princess Charlene, the same insider added:

“She’s expected to be by Albert’s side, and it’s exhausting for her to face cameras all the time. The palace is pushing forward as though to assure the public nothing has changed.”

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Globe previously reported that Princess Charlene had been out of action for 15 months before being dragged back into the limelight in April. In January 2021, the ex-Olympian fled to her homeland and refused to return to Monaco after a Brazilian woman accused Prince Albert of fathering her now 16-year-old daughter.

Prince Albert, who already supports two love children from former flings, dismissed the woman’s claim as a “hoax.” However, if it is true, then it meant that he was sleeping with the said girl while he courted Princess Charlene.

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The royal princess reportedly went to a doctor’s care in South Africa. However, speculations are rife that part of the reason Princess Charlene stayed away was that she “couldn’t bear to be near her husband.”

In November 2021, Princess Charlene returned to Prince Albert and their seven-year-old twins – Jacques and Gabriella – in Monaco. However, the prince had his own wife shipped off to a Swiss clinic citing “emotional and physical exhaustion.”

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Tipsters told Globe Princess Charlene underwent violent electroshock treatments while in Switzerland and since returning to Monaco she seems dazed and robotic. While the royal princess appears at Prince Albert’s side in public, a body language expert claimed she does not ever touch her husband or even smile, which allegedly indicates a strained relationship.

Princess Charlene has yet to respond to the claims saying that she is being feared to be on the verge of a breakdown. So, avid followers of Prince Albert’s wife should take all these unverified claims with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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Princess Charlene Is Back In Business Again

Meanwhile, Daily Mail reported Princess Charlene of Monaco stepped out for her solo engagement after returning to Monaco after a stint in a treatment center for “exhaustion.” The wife of Prince Albert visited the Princess Grace Hospital Center, the only public hospital in Monaco, greeting patients, staff and families.

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Princess Charlene, during the recent outing, opted for a sleek black and white midi dress paired with a pair of black strappy sandals. The mom of two donned her blonde hair in her signature pixie cut that added an edgy touch to the classic ensemble.

The recent sighting of Princess Charlene came just days after she and Prince Albert celebrated their 11thwedding anniversary. The royal pair’s relationship has been hounded with numerous issues and scrutiny, with some reports saying that Princess Charlene is being paid millions to stay in the marriage.

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