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EXO Sehun Skincare Tips, Hacks for Flawless Skin Uncovered

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

EXO Sehun is one of the naturally good-looking K-pop idols today. Even without makeup, reports said fans and followers praise him for his visuals, especially his skin.

A makeup artist for the all-male act even reportedly once attested that the idol has "beautiful clear skin."

But, while some may think that this is the benefit of using skincare products alone, it is claimed that the artist does other ways to take care of his skin.

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Some Skincare Hacks From EXO Sehun

Sehun appears to have yet to disclose the specific products he uses for his skin. Even so, The VANA Blog via STYLE VANA claimed that he has some surprising tips to share when it comes to skincare.

Reportedly, the EXO member advises soaking up a few cotton pads with a hydrating toner. Using the soaked pads, cover the face with them for two minutes.

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For a "quick [skin hydration] remedy," the idol is said to have recommended using sheet masks or overnight masks. As noted, such products repair and moisturize the skin all night long.

Another reported skincare tip that Sehun offers is the consistent application of moisturizers. The outlet stated that they are the "perfect companion" to skincare routines as they lock down all the ingredients of other skincare products applied earlier to the skin.

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Other Skincare Practices Sehun Does For His Skin

KpopStarz reported that Sehun does several other natural and healthy practices to maintain his flawless skin. As claimed, these measures do not involve the use of skincare products from the market.

The outlet said many fans believe the K-pop idol uses coconut oil to keep his skin hydrated. Aside from having smooth skin, it is stated to minimize wrinkles and fine lines.

The EXO member also reportedly takes advantage of green tea and water, noting that regular intake of them is part of his skincare regimen.

In addition to these things, the outlet shared that Sehun complements his skincare regimens with a healthy diet and good quality of sleep.

Watch this space for more EXO Sehun news.

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