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EXO Kai Net Worth 2022: Everything You Need to Know

Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

EXO Kai is one of today's most famous and successful K-pop idols. He has fans and followers outside South Korea, seemingly reaching nearly all parts of the globe.

With his current celebrity status, many appear to have wondered about his net worth today.

The Peaches singer and the rest of his co-members do not disclose such personal details to the public. But, reports have given the fandom some idea about his wealth.

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How Much EXO Kai Is Worth In 2022 Revealed

Many believe Kai has long achieved millionaire status in terms of wealth. Despite the lack of confirmation from the idol himself, it would not come as a surprise that he has amassed a significant amount of wealth, considering his current success and popularity.

Some reports have claimed that the EXO member is worth around $13 million as of 2022, according to KpopStarz. It is noted, though, that the figure is only an estimation of his actual wealth.

However, other publications provided different but close numbers to the reported net worth figure. For instance, Channel-Korea said Kai is worth $7 million, while Otakukart stated $10 million.

Accordingly, it remains unclear how much Kai is truly worth today. All reports that discussed his wealth noted, though, that he is not the richest member of the group.

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How He Amassed His Wealth Explained

The Mmmh singer has reportedly amassed his wealth through various means. But, his career as a K-pop idol is said to be the one that has allowed him to improve his net worth.

As stated, Kai has earned a significant amount of money through the group's activities and promotions. These include their music releases and merchandise selling.

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Alongside the official music productions and stage performances, the EXO member has reportedly likely profited, as well, from the act's endorsement deals and broadcast appearances.

Apart from the group's official activities, Kai also has his solo career as an artist, actor, and model. These avenues have undoubtedly allowed him to further his net worth today.

Watch this space for more EXO Kai news.

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