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ASTRO Moonbin Opens up About Exercising, and How It Impacts His Confidence

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ASTRO Moonbin has become well-known not only for his skills in singing and dancing but also for his figure. He is said to be among the South Korean celebrities who evidently have fit bodies and toned muscles.

With his fitness activities and the results thereof, it makes total sense why he has graced the cover of magazines, including Men's Health Korea.

In addition, Moonbin has received compliments and praise for his body figure not only from fans and followers but also from fitness trainers, according to KpopStarz.

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How Exercising Has Helped ASTRO Moonbin

Recently, the ASTRO member opened up about his exercises and workouts, sharing how they have helped him, especially in his career. reported that the exchange was for the cover feature of 1st Look magazine.

The K-pop idol reportedly initially talked about how he remains diligent in his regimen despite his busy schedule. He was said to have noted that he tries to still exercise even after a long and tiring day, adding that he loves seeing the changes in his body and figure after working hard on it.

As for how these things have helped him, the outlet quoted the idol, reportedly saying, "The confidence that I feel [is] like I can do anything."

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About Moonbin's Workout Routines

Moonbin starts his days early in the morning despite sleeping late the night before, according to Kdrama Stars. As added, he gets on with his personal training at 10 in the morning.

The outlet claimed that the K-pop idol enjoys sweating as he does his routines. As for the specific exercises he does, it is said that they include push-ups, chin-ups, ab exercises, and aerobic exercises.

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The ASTRO member also reportedly makes an extra effort with his workout routines. As noted, he watches fitness- and exercise-related videos on YouTube and tries them out during his free time.

The publication later shared that Moonbin does not play any ball sports. But, he enjoys playing badminton and cycling, which he is said to often do with close friend Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN.

Watch this space for more ASTRO Moonbin news.

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