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BTS Jin Instagram: Worldwide Handsome Gets Photobombed Again By Co-Members

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS Jin and the rest of the group did not have their own Instagram accounts for years. But, this has changed since late last year when they opened their first personal pages on the platform.

On December 6, the septet launched their respective Instagram accounts, allowing them to post photos and clips at their own style and pace. In the case of Jin, he is among the members who have since remained active on the platform.

While having his own account has permitted him to post photos of himself, it appears to be a bit of a challenge for the idol. As it happens, he always gets “photobombed” by the rest of the group, with the latest being earlier this month, according to Koreaboo.

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BTS Jin Wanted To Take Photos Alone

On Jin’s July 12 post on Instagram, the pictures feature not only himself but some of his co-members, as well. The idols pose for shots in front of Seoul’s Olympic Stadium, which the publication described as a “perfect place” to take photos.

However, taking group shots did not seem to be the BTS member’s initial plan. He even noted it in the caption, saying, “Please, let me take a photo alone.”

The seven images the “Worldwide Handsome” posted that day show his co-members “photobombing” him. Although it might not be what he intended to do, millions of fans seemed to have loved the results.

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Photobombing The Group's Matnae

It was not the first time that the rest of BTS ruined Jin’s original plan of taking selfies. Over the years, he continues to experience getting photobombed by his co-members.

A separate report from Koreaboo listed some instances wherein the K-pop idols had fun with “interfering” the eldest member’s solo shots.

It consequently noted that the rest of Dynamite singers seemingly love to “sabotage” their hyung’s selfies.

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About Jin's Instagram Account

Jin’s official Instagram account carries the handle “jin.” It has over 37.9 million followers with only 63 posts.

The BTS member last updated his account over the weekend. He posted a clip showing him practicing his tennis shots.

Watch this space for more BTS Jin news.

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