Engage Kiss: Is Sharon Holygrail Dead?

Engage Kiss Is Sharon Holygrail Dead

Engage Kiss Is Sharon Holygrail Dead

Engage Kiss took a surprising and interesting turn of events as it seems that Shu may actually end up with a harem. The 2022 summer anime started with a love triangle between Kisara, Ayano, and Shu, but it seems like Shu had another ex-girlfriend who he poisoned before. Is Sharon Holygrail dead, or will she come back and make things even messier for Shu?

Sharon Holygrail is a sister of the Seiten Church, but she seems to be more than that. Sharon is actually a demon-hunting nun from the Celestial Abbey, a group that eliminates demons all around the world.

Is Sharon Holygrail Dead in Engage Kiss?

Is Sharon Holygrail Dead in Engage Kiss Nun Demon Hunter
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Sharon Holygrail is not dead in Engage Kiss. It is true that Shu and Sharon dated before, which isn’t really surprising at this point. Shu chose Kisara, and in order to get rid of Sharon, he decided to poison her.

However, Shu does not remember this as Kisara took away his memory of Sharon due to her yandere tendencies.

Sharon did not die from the incident and comes back in Engage Kiss Episode 7. As a demon-hunting nun, Sharon’s goal is to eliminate Kisara.

The two girls first met in a back alley. But before they could fight, the Bayron City police arrived, making Sharon retreat. The two clashed again in an abandoned building after a couple of days.

Aside from Sharon’s mission, she plans to eliminate Kisara because of Shu, and surprisingly, Kisara’s goal is the same.

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What's interesting is that it was Sharon who accompanied Shu to defeat Kisara in the cave where they met years ago. But after learning about Kisara’s potential, Shu decided to paralyze Sharon using neurotoxin while they were sharing an intimate moment in the bedroom.

He left Sharon and took Kisara with him as he knows that the A-ranked demon can provide him with more combat power. This angered Sharon and since then, the two girls have been rivals.

During their fight, Sharon initially had the upper hand against Kisara, but Shu arrived and motivated the latter.

Eventually, Kisara didn’t finish Sharon and decided to leave the demon-killing nun as Kisara left happily with Shu – possibly manipulated by him once again.

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