The Best Engage Kiss Cosplay on the Internet

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The Best Engage Kiss Cosplay on the Internet

While not being one of the biggest anime of summer 2022, Engage Kiss has a devoted following thanks to its blend of action, romance and incredible colours! In fact, the main characters are so eye-catching that we’ve already seen some amazing Engage Kiss cosplay!

Engage Kiss’ characters are designed by Tsunako, who is famous for designing the characters in the hit series Date A Live. It’s no wonder Ayano and Kisara, in particular, have won over so many fans!

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What is Engage Kiss About?

Engage Kiss is an action-romantic-comedy set in the futuristic Bayron City, where a new energy source has provided a life of luxury but also given birth to dangerous demons that are managed by demon exterminator companies.

Shu used to work for a major demon extermination group run by his then-girlfriend Ayano’s mother. However, he now struggles to get by as a freelance hunter with the help of a new demon partner, Kisara, who helps a bit more than Shu asks for.

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The Best Engage Kiss Cosplay: Kisara

The Best Engage Kiss Cosplay Kisara
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When it comes to Engage Kiss, there’s only one place to start. Kisara, the adorable demon, deadly and caring all at once.

One of the best Engage Kiss cosplays so far came from the idol Saki Miyamoto, who cosplayed as Kisara for an Engage Kiss promotion ahead of the anime:

Kisara’s character is a striking combination of dark black and a super-vibrant pink, which the cosplay captures really well!

The Best Engage Kiss Cosplay: Ayano

The Best Engage Kiss Cosplay: Ayano
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On the other side of Shu’s romantic interests, Ayano is an older and (supposedly) more mature woman. However, when it comes to combat, she’s just as deadly.

Ayano’s combat look was captured perfectly by Inori Hanamiya. Just like Miyamoto above, Hanamiya cosplayed as battle-ready Ayano to promote the series ahead of its release:

From top-to-toe, the cosplay is full of incredible detail. Also, despite lots of small accessories such as the bangles and harnesses, it’s clearly quite movable and looks like great quality!

There were also some more revealing shots of the outfit on her official Twitter:

Unfortunately, we’ve not found any great Sharon cosplays just yet, although it surely won’t be long! For now, accept this excellent art by the character’s creator herself:

As the show gets more popular, we can’t wait to see what more cosplayers will do with this amazing cast of characters!

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