What is Kisara in Engage Kiss?

What is Kisara in Engage Kiss

What is Kisara in Engage Kiss

Engage Kiss is a fantasy anime that is set in a world wherein demons and other magical creatures exist. It has been confirmed that Ogata Shu is a human who kills demons for his own personal reasons. He met Kisara in a sealed cave. But is she a human or a demon? What is Kisara in Engage Kiss?

Kisara has silky, long, pink hair and red eyes. She ties her hair using a red ribbon and wears a school uniform. She also bandages her right thigh, but it has not been explained why she does this.

There are times when her eyes would turn a glowing pink color. When this happens, she can be seen wearing a black dress and black gloves.

Is Kisara a Demon in Engage Kiss?

Is Kisara a Demon in Engage Kiss
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Kisara is a super-A class demon hazard, which might explain why she was sealed in a cave.

Shu found her two years ago, and they made a contract. She became the only demon who can kill other demons, and this immediately made Shu the only demon user in their city.

As a tandem, they are considered the strongest force. But of course, since demons are not accepted, Kisara hides her origin and pretends to be a normal teenager attending high school.

As a demon, she is considered a formidable fighter. She doesn’t have a hard time dealing with demons and became even better after getting a power-up from Shu.

She can phase through objects and is known for her immense speed and strength. She can also fly in her demon form and extract memories to fuel her powers even more.

Who is Kisara?

Who is Kisara
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Not much about Kisara’s history has been explained so far, such as why she was sealed in the cave, and so on.

But what we do know is that she is a polite and caring demon who loves Shu so much. She acts like a normal human who is in love and would do anything to make Shu happy.

She gets jealous whenever he is in contact with his ex, Ayano, and even exhibits yandere signs. Despite this, Kisara can be mature in her own ways.

Will Kisara end up with Shu? If not, who will end up with Shu in Engage Kiss? Will Engage Kiss turn into a harem instead?

Interested viewers will have to tune in to Engage Kiss to find out.

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