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Elizabeth Olsen Thought the MCU and Foxverse were 'Merging' Following Evan Peters' Casting

Credit: Marvel Studios

A lot of fans were genuinely thrilled and intrigued at the same time when they first learned that Evan Peters was cast in WandaVision in a "mystery role". Turns out, the former X-Men star portrayed the same character he made famous over at the Foxverse Quicksilver, a role that was previously played in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by his Kickass co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Apparently, it wasn't just the MCU diehards who were stunned to find out that Evan was actually playing a version of Wanda Maximoff's twin brother. Even lead star Elizabeth Olsen said that she was excited when she first heard about Peters' casting and it isn't hard to understand why considering that move was absolutely meta.

In a new interview with Variety, Lizzie opened up about her initial reaction regarding Evan playing Pietro. According to her, she initially thought that the MCU and Foxverse were actually merging since Phase 4 will explore the multiverse. Olsen says: "When we heard that Evan was going to do it, my mind was blown. "This is the first time we're merging! This is crazy!" And then to use it in such a clever way as Jac does was so satisfying. Working with Evan playing this version of Pietro [laughing] was just so funny and weird and funny and oh God, Jac I loved it so much. I'm so grateful for that."

Now, Peters' future in the MCU seems unclear for now but WandaVision's grand finale may have actually hinted that there's something more about his character who was revealed to be a Westview resident named "Ralph Bohner". Following his intense encounter with Monica Rambeau in his humble abode, we didn't see traces of the character as Wanda was removing the hex which I believe is too suspicious. I don't mean to "theorize" like most fans did but I have this feeling we'll see him back in the franchise real soon.

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