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Is WandaVision Finale the MCU's Version of The Last Jedi?

Credit: Marvel Studios

Despite the fact that WandaVision ended up becoming a success for both Disney and Marvel Studios and a risk worth taking at that, a lot of fans weren't too thrilled at how the show ended. To its defense, the show's "underwhelming" finale doesn't have anything to do with how everything was executed, instead, I can confidently say that it was the fans' fault for believing the baseless theories and speculations they've read online.

Since the show started, a lot of fans have been trying to dig deep into each episode to find easter eggs and other references that they believe could potentially affect the story of the show as it progresses. Speculations about Mephisto and Quicksilver are just among the dozens of persistent theories viewers have come up with and when the finale finally premiered, none of them ever materialized.

As shocking as it may seem, WandaVision's finale ended up becoming too polarizing for a lot of fans which is a shame considering none of the theories that circulated online were promised by the show's director and producers to begin with.

Now, the folks over at Inverse argue that WandaVision may actually be the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of The Last Jedi but before you raise your eyebrows, they raise a pretty valid debate and when you think about it, the similarities between the two Disney projects are actually there.

The entertainment site pointed out how Star Wars fans were also disappointed with Episode VIII after seeing it when all their theories didn't come to fruition and just like what's happening with WandaVision now, they blamed it all on the project when in the first place, it didn't promise anything to fans.

I mean, where's the lie, really? If the viewers didn't hang on too much to those outrageous fan theories in the first place, they wouldn't be disappointed. Trying to criticize WandaVision for failing to deliver something that wasn't even promised is uncalled for. Personally, I enjoyed the entire show and I'm pretty sure the people who aired their dismay over the finale would have experienced the same if not for those baseless speculations. But hey, it is what it is.

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