Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 Spoilers, Release Date & Time: What Happened to Granolah and Bardock 40 Years Ago?

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Shueisha and Viz Media have been releasing a new chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga series by Toyatarou and Akira Toriyama monthly, and after Chapter 76 was released in September 2021, fans are excited to find out how the next chapter will continue the Granolah the Survivor saga.

Granolah the Survivor Saga is a revenge-driven story about Granolah, the lone survivor of the Cerealian race whose main goal is to kill Frieza to avenge the extermination of his race. However, the space crime snydicate known as the Heeters are able to convince Granolah that the Saiyans too are responsible for the tragic past of his race, so now, the lone Cerealian survivor is fighting Vegeta and Goku in planet Cereal, and it looks like the next chapter will reveal the truth behind the Cerealians' connection with Bardock and other Saiyans.

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What spoilers have been revealed for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77?

Dragon Ball Super Bardock
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Credit: Toei Animation

In the previous chapter, Goku and Vegeta struggle to fight Granolah in Planet Cereal, and despite Goku insisting Vegeta to let him help take down Granolah, the Saiyan Prince refuses, and Vegeta continues to get punished with Granolah's overwhelming power.

While fighting in the Sugarian city, a wall of a house collapses, and Granolah sees a Sugarian mother with her child, and she looks at Granolah, terrified. This takes him to the past, and a flashback scene reveals a young Granolah running away from the city that the Saiyans attacked. He enters a church and meets his mother, and they both hug, but a noise interrupts them, and they look at something, horrified.

When Granolah is about to finish off Vegeta, a spaceship piloted by Oatmeel lands just in time, and Monite gets out of it. The chapter concludes with Monaito saying that Granolah got some facts wrong, and that a Saiyan named Bardock "saved us" 40 years ago. (Note that Viz Media's English translation was recently changed from "Burdock" to "Bardock").

Long-time Dragon Ball fans would know that Bardock is the father of Raditz and Goku. The Saiyan warrior made his debut as the titular protagonist of the 1990 TV special Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku. He was known as an adept fighter and devoted Saiyan Army soldier under the Frieza Force until he realized Frieza's tyrannical plans to annhilate the Saiyan race. Bardock was primarily created by Toei Animation, but the character also appeared in a two-panel cameo appearance in the Akira Toriyama's manga, in Frieza's flashback when he sees Goku, who reminds him of Bardock, Frieza recalls that Goku's father had attacked him right before he destroyed Planet Vegeta, and died alongside the rest of the Saiyans when Frieza annhilated the planet using a Supernova.

It looks like Monaito knows the whole true about the Cerealians and Saiyans' past. If Granolah hears about this, it's likely that he will change his mind about the Saiyans. Chapter 77 could also show us what the Heeters are up to since they are on a quest to find the seven Dragon Balls.

Shueisha recently shared a first look teasing a flashback of the Saiyans' past told by Monaito, and it was revealed that the title of the chapter is Bardock, the Father of Goku.

Days ahead the release of the English version of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77, draft pages have been revealed, teasing the past of Cerealians and Namekians in planet Cereal.

Twitter user DBS Chronicles shared the English-translated draft pages:

Update: Now that Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 is out, we have major spoilers revealing what happened to Bardock and Granolah in planet Cereal 40 years ago.

The Cerealians lived in peace with Namekians, exchanging food and water. Suddenly, on one night with a full moon, some ships arrive to the planet and some small spherical-shaped ships impact with tremendous force on some farm fields.

The invaders known as Saiyans transformed into giant apes.

There weren't many Cerealians and Namekians in the planet, so the Saiyans killed them quickly.

Several soldiers from Frieza's army gather all the Namekians to kill them all. However, Monaito manages to survive. The elder of the Namekian in his last breath gives Monaito 2 Dragon Balls of the planet.

The Saiyans continue destroying the Cerealian city, but one of the Saiyans (with a scar on his face) notices a child running away and follows him

The Saiyan follows the child to a church and he finds the child, who turns out to be the young Granolah, and his mother. When Granolah sees the giant ape, he faints in fear.

The Cerealians realize that the Saiyans transformed because of the moon, so one of them concentrates all of his energy to destroy it.

One of the Saiyans notices it and tries to stop him, but the Cerealian fires the attack just before the Saiyan catches him, wounding the Saiyan in the forehead.

The moon is destroyed thanks to the Cerealian's attack, and the Saiyans return to their normal form.

The Cerealians who destroyed the moon makes fun of the Saiyans, thinking that they will be weak now without their giant ape transformation. However, the Saiyan Taro tells him he is naive if he thinks that way, then he kills the Cerealian easily.

Taro asks the Saiyan Leek if he's okay, since Leek was the one who was attacked by the Cerealian. Leek is upset because the Cerealian's attack is going to leave him a scar.

Back to the church, Granolah's mother looks at the Saiyan, who also returned ot his normal form, and it turns out to be Bardock.

Granolah's mother attacks him throwing ki with her fingers, breaking the Saiyan's shoulder pad and sounding his arm.

Bardock remembers an argument he had with Gine shortly before, and we see that Gine told him that their son, Goku has already been born. Gine asks Bardock if he's not going to see him before leaving (since Bardock may be far from home for months).

Gine told Bardock that the baby was in the incubator at the back of the house, and that he must choose a baby name.

Bardock looks surprised to see Goku, and he decided that his name will be Kakarot. Gine likes the name and hugs the incubator.

Back in the church, while Bardock watches Granolah and his mother, Leek arrives and informs Bardock that the mission is over and the order to retreat has been given.

Leek doesn't enter the church, so he doesn't know that Granolah and his mother are inside. Bardock tells Leek that he will go later because he wants to make sure there are no survivors.

Leek tells him that Frieza is going to arrive in the planet soon.

Bardock puts on his scooter and detects a life form with 5 power units in the mountains. At first he thinks it's an animal but he realizes that it's more intelligent.

In a house in the moutnain, Monaito hides the 2 Dragon Balls. Suddently, he realizes that someone is approaching and he prepares to attack by surprise. When Bardock enters the house, Monaito attacks him with a cane but Bardock blocks it with one hand.

Bardock notices that Monaito's power increased to 213 units, so he' assumes that Monaito is able to control his fighting power at will.

Granolah's mom
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Credit: Shueisha
Granolah's mom

Granolah's mother ienters the house, and Monaito looks glad that there are more survivors.

Granolah's mother introduces herself, and tells him that her name is Muesli. Monaito also introduces himself and offers his help.

Bardock tells them that they must hide well because Frieza will arrive in the planet soon, and Monaito asks him why he decided to help them. Bardock says that it's been a whim, and they must survive.

Monaito asks his name before he leaves, and the Saiyan tells him "Bardock".

Back to the present, Monaito apologizes to Granolah for not telling the truth, and Monaito telsl Goku that he is just like Bardock. Goku wonders why him. Monaito asks Goku if Bardock is his friend, and Goku tells Monaito that he doesn't know much about the Saiyans because he was raised by his grandfather on Earth.

Vegeta interrupts the onversation, and tells Goku that Bardock is his father's name, and Goku looks surprised to hear what Vegeta said. Granolah and Monaito also look surprised.

Goku says that even if the Saiyan Monaito met in the past was his father, he doesn't know anything about that.

Vegeta says that it seems Goku has inherited the kindness of his father, and Granolah angrily asks Monaito what happened to his mother and why she couldn't survive.

Monaito continues the story: Bardock is about to leave but Monaito asks him to wait. Monaito uses hsi healing powers to help Bardock's arm, and Bardock looks surprised that the Namekian is able to heal wounds.

Monaito tells him that a more powerful Namekian is capable of instantly restoring someone's health, and that he could barely heal small wounds.

Bardock's scooter turns on and detects the presence of other people, then he hides among the trees and observes that there are four people on the mountain, and that they are the four brothers of the Heeter Force.

The brothers watch Frieza's ships leave, and Elec tells his brothers to contact the Sugarians to negotiate the price of the planet.

Oil asks his brother how much he's going to sell the planet for, and Elec says that 100,000,000,000 poles would do.

Oil asks Elec how much he's going to give to Frieza's army, and Elec says 1/10 part.

Gas tells Elec that they will eventually surpass Frieza's army.

Muesli appraoches Monaito and Bardock and asks if there's anyone there.

Elec keeps talking, and says that he cannot defeat Frieza by force, so they do so with intelligence, financial power, and the power of information.

Bardock wonders if Heeter Force will betray Frieza.

Granolah wakes up and leaves the house looking for his monther. When he sees Bardock's tail, he panics and starts yelling, "Saiyan".

The noise alerts the Heeter Force. Monaito lets out a shock wave at Granolah to make him unconcious.

Bardock looks nervous, and asks Muesli and Monaito to follow his plan.

Heeeters - Dragon Ball Super
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Credit: Shueisha

The Heeter brothers arrive at the house,a nd they see Bardock (who's wearing a hooded cloak) about to attack Granolah, Monaito, and Muesli.

Elec asks Bardock who is he, and Bardock tells him that he has found those survivors and that he's going to kill them. Elect tells him to do it, but Bardock doesn't attack them. Bardock tells Elec that Namekians have mysterious powers that they should check out before killing the Namekian.

Suddenly, Elec brings out a gun and shoots, wounding Muesli. Elec tells Bardock that he's fine with the Namekian but the other two must be killed as soon as possible.

Bardock angrily attacks the Heeter Force, but Gas creates a protective barrier to block Bardock's attack.

Bardock takes advantage of the somke to escape, and the Heeter brothers look angry.

Bardock and the others are hiding in the forst, and Monaito tries to heal Muesli but he can't save her. Bardock wonders what he's doing, and Monaito asks him what they are going to do now.

Elec looks angry, and he has no choice but to kill all of them. Gas says that he will take care of them.

Elec tells Gas that he can do it while they prepare to welcome Frieza.

Back to the prsent, Elec and Gas talk on the deck of their ship. Elec asks Gas if he remembers what happened 40 years ago, because the person Gas fought probably was a Siayan. Gas tells Elec he remembers, and says that it will not happen again.

Elec tells Gas that now he understands that this is revenge for Gas, and Gas tells Elec that he's stronger now, to which Elec agrees.

Elec takes out one of the Dragon Balls and say that they have it just in case.

Macki is in the cockpit of the ship, and she tells the pilot to hurry up, and she says to go find the second Dragon Ball.

When will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 be released?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77
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Credit: Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

If this release time is correct, the English translations for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 should arrive online at the following times, but note that they may be released a few hours earlier:

Pacific Time: 9 AM on Wednesday, October 20
Central Time: 11 AM on Wednesday, October 20
Eastern Time: Noon on Wednesday, October 20
British Time: 5 PM on Wednesday, October 20

Here's the countdown for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77:

Where can I read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77?

Dragon Ball Super 77
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Credit: Toei Animation

Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump is the official source of the latest Dragon Ball Super chapters in Japan. The English translations of the manga series will be released on Viz Media.

You can also read the latest chapters on the Shonen Jump Android and IOS apps. Just download this app from either the play store or app store, then search for "Dragon Ball Super 77". Shonen Jump usually gets the chapter instantly after the countdown ends while VizMedia might have a 5 minutes delay when it comes to a new chapter's release.

Epicstream doesn't provide unofficial links and fan translations which might reveal the chapter early, but we encourage you to support the official release of the manga on the official publishers.

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