Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 Spoilers, Release Date & Time, Countdown: Will Vegeta Make a Comeback?

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Shueisha and Viz Media have been releasing a new chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga series by Toyatarou and Akira Toriyama once a month, and after Chapter 75 was released in August 2021, fans are excited to find out how the next chapter will continue the Granolah the Survivor saga.

Dragon Ball Super 76
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Credit: Shueisha

Granolah the Survivor saga is a revenge-driven story about Granolah, the lone survivor of the Cerealian race whose main goal is to kill Frieza to avenge the extermination of his race. However, the space crime snydicate known as the Heeters is able to convince Granolah that the Saiyans too are responsible for the tragic past of his race, so now, the lone Cerealian survivor is fighting Vegeta and Granolah in planet Cereal.

With Granolah unleashing the power from within him, and Vegeta apparently hit by his powerful attack, will the Saiyan Prince be able to make a comeback in the next chapter?

For more information about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76, check out the details below and make sure to bookmark this page as we update it with more details as more details about Chapter 76 come out.

What spoilers have been revealed for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76?

Dragon Ball Super 76
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Credit: Shueisha

In Dragon Ball SuperChapter 75, the fight between Vegeta and Granolah continued their fast-paced and intense battle with the Saiyan Prince showing off the powers of his new Ultra Ego transformation, and the lone Cerealian survivor struggles to defend himself. Vegeta tells him that he gets stonger when he takes more damage, and that this god of destruction power is his own, not given by Beerus.

Vegeta tries to tell Granolah the truth about how the Saiyans were also the victims of Frieza's destructon, but Granolah is blinded by his drive for revenge, even refusing to listen to his A.I. eyepatch, Oatmeel, and after taking some strong hits from Vegeta, he throws away Oatmeel and says that he doesn't need it anymore because his wish to become the Strongest Warrior in the Universe already came true.

Vegeta and Granolah's fight intensifies as the Cerealian bounty hunter unleashes his power, causing the explosion of architectures in planet Cereal as he tries to attack the Saiyan Prince with his destruction. Vegeta realizes that he's reaching his limit, then he manages to dodge Granolah's powerful blast.

Meanwhile, Goku is trying to heal himself, and he clearly wants to get back to fighting Granolah instead of just being in the sidelines. Oatmeel manages to command the spaceship to pick it up, and the ship flies off.

Vegeta gathers up most of his energy to create a huge energy ball so he can ultimately finish his enemy, but Granolah gets a new power boost and manifests his unique eye technique on his second eye, and shoots powerful double energy blasts from his fingers, causing a huge explosion in the air, and the ground to shake in planet Cereal. Even Goku and the Heeters could feel the power from the explosion.

While Vegeta appears to have taken a powerful hit, Granolah stands over him, and thanks him for drawing out the power within him.

At the end of the previous chapter, the Heeters, the powerful intel group that hired Granolah, are pleased to see that their plan to have Granolah and the Saiyans go against each other is going accordingly. Oil brings up the radar used to find the Dragon Balls, and they are about to find the location of the first Dragon Ball so they can make their selfish wish.

Major spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 ahead!

The first preview has already revealed for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76, giving us an early look at a sketch of one of the panels featuring Vegeta powered down to his base form, but it looks like the Saiyan Prince is still keeping his pride, and there might still be hope to take down Granolah. It would be disappointing if we've already seen the last of Vegeta's Ultra Ego form. Goku might re-join the fight against Granolah in the next chapter.

On Sept. 13, draft sketches for Chapter 76 have been revealed with unofficial English translations, giving us a little teaser of how the Vegeta vs. Granolah fight will continue.

The official Dragon Ball website also mentioned a teaser that reads, "Don't miss the shocking revelation as the wills of warriors clash with each other!". What could the shocking revelation be?

Dragon Ball Super 76
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Credit: Dragon Ball Super

The new Dragon Ball Super chapter is already released, so here are some details:

Granolah relentlessly attacks Vegeta until he loses his Ultra Ego form, and when Granolah is about to finish him off, Goku interfereres using his Super Saiyan Blue form, and he hits Granolah in the face, pushing him away from the Saiyan Prince.

Goku tells Vegeta that he will deal with Granolah, but Vegeta doesn't accept, and kicks Goku away, sending him flying against a drum of water. Vegeta says that they only fight side-by-side if they have something to protect, but Goku tells him that Vegeta should protect his own life.

Vegeta tells Goku and tells him not to interfere, then punches Goku in the face. While they argue, Granolah approaches Vegeta, and tries to pierce his abdomen with the palm of his hand.

Goku reacts just on time and pushes Vegeta with a shock wave, and Granolah only manages to scratch Vegeta a bit. Then Vegeta crashes into a house and seems unconscious while Goku and Granolah keeps fighting. Goku tells him that he's find a way to shift his vitals, and that the same move won't work on him again.

Granolah moves quickly behind Goku, and Goku notices it and strengthens his neck. Granolah hits Goku on the neck, and Goku returns to his base form, then falls unconscious to the ground, which is full of water.

Granolah leaves, thinking that he already defeated Goku, but Goku is pretending to be down, then he trhows a ki ball at Granolah's back.

Granolah looks angry, so he tries to pierce Goku's abdomen with his hand, but Goku uses the same trick, and strengthens his abdomen and stops the Cerealian warrior's attack. Goku punches Granolah in the stomach.

Vegeta wakes up and notices Goku and Granolah are still fighting.

Granolah kicks Goku against the ground, and Goku returns to his base form, then Vegeta tells Goku to let him fight his way, and Goku accepts and tells him not to die.

Vegeta transforms back into his Ultra Ego form, and Granolah is surprised.

The battle moves to the city of Sugarians, and Granolah tells Vegeta to move their fight elsewhere, but Vegeta ignores him.

The fight continues fiercely, and Granolah punches Vegeta, and Vegeta bites his arm; Granolah slams Vegeta to the ground, then steps on his arms, so Vegeta can't move. Granolah shoots several ki attacks on Vegeta's face.

Feeling exhausted, Granolah sits on the ground. Suddenly, a wall of a house collapses, and Granolah sees a Sugarian mother with her child, and she looks at Granolah, terrified.

There's a flashback scene of Granolah as a child running away from the city that Saiyans attacked, and young Granolah enters a church and meets his mother. They both hug, but a noise interrupts them, and they look at something, horrified.

Back to the present fight, Vegeta rises up, and an angry Granolah punches him, pushing Vegeta away from the city. Granolah looks traumatized with his dark past, and his anger builds up while telling Vegeta that the Saiyans took everything from Cerealians.

Granolah is about to finish Vegeta off, so he starts to focus his energy into a giant ki ball, and Vegeta looks exhausted so he's trying to resist the attack.

Goku runs up to them, but he can't get closer, and he also looks exhausted, then suddenly a space ship moves at full speed next to Goku, and inside ais a Namekian Monite, and the ship is piloted by Granolah's A.I. companion, Oatmeel.

Goku tries to stop Granolah, but he can't, and Monite opens the spaceship, then calls Granolah, who looks surprised at the sight of Monaito.

Goku attacks Granolah, and stops his attack. The spaceship lands and Monite gets out of it. The chapter ends with Monaito saying that Granolah got some facts wrong, and that a Saiyan named Bardock "saved us" 40 years ago.

Long-time Dragon Ball fans would know that Bardock is the father of Raditz and Goku. The Saiyan warrior made his debut as the titular protagonist of the 1990 TV special Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku. He was known as an adept fighter and devoted Saiyan Army soldier under the Frieza Force until he realized Frieza's tyrannical plans to annhilate the Saiyan race. Bardock was primarily created by Toei Animation, but the character also appeared in a two-panel cameo appearance in the Akira Toriyama's manga, in Frieza's flashback when he sees Goku, who reminds him of Bardock, Frieza recalls that Goku's father had attacked him right before he destroyed Planet Vegeta, and died alongside the rest of the Saiyans when Frieza annhilated the planet using a Supernova.

The next chapter will likely reveal more about Bardock's past as well as how he's connected to the Cerealians. When spoilers hit online, "Bardock" became trending on Twitter, and it looks like fans are excited to know more about the character in the next chapter.

The Heeters will most likely find the first of the seven Dragon Balls, and possibly, we might learn what they intend to wish once they gather them all.

Knowing the importance of Frieza's role in Granolah's past, it's likely that the iconic villain will appear in a future chapter of the Granolah the Survivor arc, but it probably won't happen in the next few chapters. It would be exciting to see Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah team-up againt Frieza, his army, and maybe the Heeters.

Let's not forget that Granolah's life span was also cut as a cost of his wish to become the Greatest Warrior in the Universe, so it's likely that we may see Goku and his friends reverse that effect when they make a wish with the next set of Dragon Balls, but we'll have to wait and see.

There are also possible leaks that hint Vegeta's demise, but none of these details have officially been confirmed yet.

When will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 be released?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76
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Credit: Shueisha

Viz Media's English version of Dragon Ball Super manga usually tease the release date of the next chapter at the end, but the end of Chapter 75 only showed "to be continued", so it's unclear when exactly Chapter 76 will be released. However, Shueisha's

Shueisha's Manga+ website revealed that the next chapter is scheduled to release on Saturday, September 18, which would mark a month-long period since the release of Chapter 75.

However, the release date on Viz Media's website teased that Chapter 76 says September 20, which coincides with the release of the next issue of Shueisha's V-Jump magazine in Japan.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 will most likely be released on Sept. 18, and if this release time is correct, the English translations for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 should arrive online at the following times, but note that they may be released a few hours earlier:

Pacific Time: 9 AM on Saturday, September 18
Central Time: 11 AM on Saturday, September 18
Eastern Time: Noon on Saturday, September 18
British Time: 5 PM on Saturday, September 18

You can check out the countdown for the release of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 below:

Where can I read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76?

Dragon Ball Super 76
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Credit: Shueisha

Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump is the official source of the latest Dragon Ball Super chapters in Japan. The English translations of the manga series will be released on Viz Media.

You can also read the latest chapters on the Shonen Jump Android and IOS apps. Just download this app from either the play store or app store, then search for "Dragon Ball Super 76". Shonen Jump usually gets the chapter instantly after the countdown ends while VizMedia might have a 5 minutes delay when it comes to a new chapter's release.

Epicstream doesn't provide unofficial links and fan translations which might reveal the chapter early, but we encourage you to support the official release of the manga on the official publishers.

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