Dragon Ball Super Translation Makes Major Change to Bardock

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 is finally arriving tomorrow on Viz media, and the fandom is now buzzing about Bardock as the latest chapter promises to reveal Granolah's past and how Goku's father is connected to the story. Goku and Bardock are currently trending on Twitter, and fans have also been buzzing about the major English translation Viz Media recently made to the Saiyan's name.

Dragon Ball Super Bardock
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In the previous chapter, when Monaito arrived just in time to stop from unleashing his power on Goku and Vegeta, the last Namekian of planet Cereal revealed that Bardock rescued them forty years ago, and Chapter 77 promises to reveal what actually happened to Bardock, and how he saved Monaito, Granolah, and Granolah's mother.

If you read Chapter 76, you would notice that Monaito referred to Goku's father as "Burdock" in the text. However, this past weekend, the name was changed to "Bardock", and now fans are buzzing about this major change.

Viz Media has mostly used Burdock, and this trnalsation is closer to the original way series creator Akira Toriyama penned the Saiyan's name decades ago. Funimation and other platforms have used Bardock more often to help make the character's name a pun rather than a reference.

While plenty of fans will still stick to Burdock, it looks like Bardock has triumphed over Burdock after the debate, and this would probably take away a lot of the confusion since the re-introduction of the character into the Dragon Ball Super canon.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 is set to release on Viz Media on Oct. 20. You can read more details about the latest chapter here.

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