Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 Draft Pages With English Translations Revealed

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77: Burdock, the Father of Goku, will release the official English translation within a few days, and fans are excited to find out how the Cerealians and Namekians of planet Cereal were connected to Granolah and Bardock (or Burdock?) in the past. Earlier this week, we got our first look at the Chapter 77, but now, we have more draft pages to share.

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In last month's chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Monaito arrived just in time to let Granolah know that Goku's father "saved us", and the next chapter promises to clarify what Monaito meant.

Over on Twitter, DBSChronicles shared an English-translated version of the draft pages for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77, which give us an early look at a flashback of how Frieza's army and the Saiyans have destroyed the peace of the Cerealians and Namekians of planet Cereal.

Check them out:

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On the official Dragon Ball website, Victoria Uchida possibly teased the relationship between Granolah and Bardock. However, explanation of their "hidden past" doesn't necessarily mean that they're related.

Dragon Ball Super Granolah Burdock
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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 is expected to release in Oct. 20. You can check out more details about the next chapter in our dedicated spoiler article here.

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