Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 First Look Revealed

While Dragon Ball fans are still hyped for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie following the anime's NYCC panel last week, Shueisha is getting ready to release the next Dragon Ball Super manga chapter by Toyotarou and series creator Akira Toriyama in a few days, and now we have our first look at it.

Dragon Ball Super 77
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Credit: Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 is set to continue Monaito's cliffhanger revelation from the previous chapter. After arriving in a spaceship piloted by Granolah's companion A.I. Oatmeel, Monaito told Granolah that Bardock "saved us", and this month's chapter will most likely explain what happened to the Goku's father decades ago, and how he and the other Saiyans are connected to the Cerealians.

Now, the first look at Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 was recently revealed, and DBSChronicles shared an English translation of the page showing Saiyans rampaging as giant apes with the panel saying that they came out of nowhere.

It's likely that Monaito will explain how Bardock actually saved them, and how he might have different intentions compared to other Saiyans. Chapter 77 will most likely feature a huge flashback detailing what actually happened in planet Cereal, and how Granolah's race became extinct.

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In the previous chapter, we saw a flashback with the young Granolah and his mother in a church, and it's likely that this memory is somehow connected to what Monaito is about to share. Is Granolah's mother connected to Bardock? How will Goku and Granolah react when they find out about the truth? Chapter 77 will most likely answer these questions.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 is expected to release in Oct. 20. You can check out more details about the next chapter in our dedicated spoiler article here.

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