Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 First Look Features Vegeta

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 is coming this week, and fans are excited to see how the manga series will continue the fight between Vegeta and Granolah. Despite his powerful Ultra Ego transformation, the Saiyan Prince was taken down after Granolah powered-up and hit him hard with his powerful finger beam. While Vegeta may have lost his momentum to beat Granolah, the fight is not over yet, and the first look at the upcoming chapter has already been released to hype fans up.

Dragon Ball Super 76
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Credit: Shueisha

Twitter user DBSChronicles shared an English translation of the first look of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76, and it's a rough sketch of one of the panels featuring Vegeta powered down to his base form. Check it out:

There's no context to the preview, but it looks like Vegeta is still keeping his pride even though he's no longer in his Ultra Ego form. It's likely that Granolah will be dominant in the next phase of their battle, but it's also likely that Goku will be involved to fight the Strongest Warrior in the Universe again.

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The new chapter might also give us a glimpse at what the Heeters are up to as they continue their mission to find all seven Dragon Balls. With the Dragon Ball radar in their possession, it's likely that the wealthy space crime syndicate will be able to gather them all while Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta are preoccuppied in their battle.

Expect more previews for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 arrive later this week. You can read more details and spoilers about the upcoming chapter here.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 is set to release on Saturday, September 18.