Dragon Ball Super Reveals The Official Name of Vegeta's "God of Destruction" Form

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75, titled God of Destruction Power, has officially been released today, continuing the action-packed fight between Vegeta and Granolah, the "Greatest Warrior in the Universe". As expected, the new chapter showcases the relentless power of Vegeta's new "God of Destruction" form, and now, there's an official name for his new form.

Vegeta Ultra Ego
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Credit: Shueisha

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 begins with Vegeta showing off his new powers to Granolah, and the lone Cerealian survivor appears to be struggling to defend himself against Vegeta's newly-unlocked powers. When Granolah asks if the God of Destruction that Vegeta mentioned granted him his new powers, Vegeta said that it's entirely his own. Then Granolah compares Vegeta's new form to Goku's Ultra Instinct form, but Vegeta says that his new form is entirely different from Goku's.

"The thing is the hotter my battle soul burns, the stronger I grow," Vegeta said. "Kakarot's body may have a mind of its own, but I'm all ego. In fact, go ahead and call this Ultra Ego."

As expected, Vegeta has taken a different path from Goku, and his Ultra Ego form shows that it's the best one suited for his fighting. However, it turns out that this power-up is not enough to take down Granolah.

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The conclusion of their fight makes the latest chapter one of the most disappointing chapters ever. After all the hype for Vegeta's new form, he gets defeated right away, without giving him enough time to shine. Of course, some Vegeta fans are not surprised since Dragon Ball Super has disappointed them this way multiple times before.

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