Dragon Ball Super Gives Granolah A New Power Boost

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The latest Dragon Ball Super manga chapter let down Vegeta fans once again. Just when we expected that Vegeta's new God of Destruction transformation in Ultra Ego form was going to help him take down the revenge-driven Cerealian survivor, Granolah gets a new power boost to help him take down the Saiyan Prince.

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Credit: Shueisha

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 features Vegeta in his new Ultra Ego form showing off his incredible powers against Granolah. Vegeta's new God of Destruction power is a result of his training from Lord Beerus, and his Saiyan battle lust. The more damage he takes, the stronger he becomes, and Vegeta is able to dominate the battle, hitting Granolah several times while causing a lot of destruction in planet Cereal.

When Vegeta senses that his transformation is reaching its limits, he uses most of his energy to form a huge energy ball, which is similar to Goku's Spirit Bomb, then tosses it at Granolah. However, the Ceralian warrior manifests a second Cerealian eye to give him more enhanced vision so he could fire two energy blasts from his fingers with a sniper's pinpoint accuracy, countering Vegeta's attack, and his powerful blasts are strong enough to cause a massive explosion, and take Vegeta down.

His eyes have the unique ability to see his enemies' vital nerve points and energy flow in addition to the sharp accuracy. On top of that, Granolah's wish to become the Greatest Warrior in the Universe was granted, so it's not surprising to see him unleash a technique powerful enough to take down Vegeta's Ultra Ego form.

Granolah stands over Vegeta triumphantly, thanking him for drawing out the power from within.

"I have to thank you, Saiyan," Granolah says. "You ae responsible for drawing this power out of me."

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Of course, this doesn't stop Vegeta fans from expressing their disappointment for Toyatarou and Akira Toriyama's decision to not give Vegeta enough moments to shine in this fight against Granolah. Even Christopher Sabat, the English voice actor of Vegeta, shared his reaction ahead of the latest chapter's release. However, some fans are not giving up hope yet for the Saiyan Prince. Vegeta may have taken significant damage, but his battle with Granolah may not be over yet.