Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 Possible Leak Teases Vegeta's (Spoilers)

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 is set to arrive in a few days, and earlier this week, we've already seen the first drafts for the upcoming chapter; now, we have some possible leaks hinting a tragic turn for Vegeta.

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Credit: Shueisha

In the previous Dragon Ball Super chapter, Vegeta was able to dominate his fight against Granolah with his Ultra Ego form, but ultimately, the Saiyan Prince fell after Granolah unleashed a power boost of his own, and took him down with a powerful hit of his finger blast. However, it looks like it's not over for Vegeta yet, so the next chapter is set to continue their epic battle.

Warning: Major spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76.

Sadly, a few possible leaks shared on social media hint at Vegeta's ultimate downfall. Twitter user DBSChronicles has shared Ryokutya's first impressions on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76, and he says Sayonara or good-bye.

Another Twitter user, who goes by kamisamaexp, shared an image of Vegeta's demise, but this panel is still not officially confirmed. The tweet has the caption: "Sayonara, Vegeta-san".

Do you think Vegeta will die in the hands of Granolah?

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Expect more previews for the next Dragon Ball Super arrive later this week. You can read more details and spoilers about the upcoming chapter here.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 is set to release on Saturday, September 18.