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Does the Duke of Death Ever Break His Curse and Get Cured?

The Duke of Death and His Maid is the heartwarming, surprisingly funny story of a cursed duke with a deathly touch; whatever he comes in direct contact with dies, be it plant, animal or human. In the cute, 12-episode anime, the Duke struggles to break his curse so that he can freely marry the woman he loves. So, will the Duke manage to break his curse in the manga or the anime?

So far, the Duke's attempts to break his curse in the anime have been pointless, though at least some laughs come out of these failures, due to the show's light-hearted nature. The Duke and his beloved Alice have traveled to a different dimension to attend a witches' Sabbath and hopefully meet the witch who cursed the Duke.

Does the Duke of Death Ever Break His Curse and Get Cured
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Unfortunately, the pair found out that the witch in question was dead, and no one else was able to do anything about the curse. The pair didn't give up, but several hilarious events follow, as Alice decided to try every DIY curse solution she could come up with; from brewing a potion, to making the duke play a cursed tune on the piano. Their attempts even lead them to a dream in Wonderland, where they can actually touch.


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As far as the ongoing manga is concerned, the Duke's curse is still in place, though he is still actively trying to break it, and there's some hope that he's going in the right direction. It remains to be seen whether the anime will remain inconclusive to cover manga material, or it will give its own ending, freeing the Duke.

At this point, one might even wonder if the creators even plan to remove the curse at all. The show seems more devoted to fun, heartwarming interactions than to the plot, and to be honest, that's ok, as it does a great job. Even if you doubt that the Duke will ever break his curse, you can't doubt that Alice will be by his side.