The Duke of Death and His Maid Ending Explained

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The Duke of Death and His Maid has officially ended, but it looks like we won't have to forever question if the Duke will break the curse or if he and Alice will get married as Season 2 has been announced! Meanwhile, in case you had questions about the finale, here's the ending of The Duke of Death and His Maid explained:

The Duke of Death and His Maid Ending Explained: How Was the Duke Cursed?


In the season finale, the Duke's mother gives him until spring of that year to break his curse, if he wants to inherit the family title. Viola takes him to the spot where he was cursed, and the Duke recalls as much as he can about the event.

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He was playing next to a gravestone, looking for a four-leaf clover to give to Alice, when someone grabbed him from behind and told him he was never going to love and be loved. Following that, the clover he had just found withered.

The Duke has erased much of the event from his memory, but tells Viola he remembers the softness of the witch's bosom against his back. Fanservice aside, you can't blame him. It was the last time he was touched.

This memory could possibly present a clue. Time and again, Viola, who still has the body of a child, has expressed jealousy for Alice's soft curves. And if Alice has a soft, curvy body, and people keep commenting that she looks just like her mother, it is likely her mother did too.


Of course, this doesn't correspond with everyone's memories of Alice's mother. Sharon was only ever kind to her daughter, and even the Duke's cold, distant mother remembers the woman fondly; it appears the two were actually best friends and her Ladyship was devastated when Sharon died.

For Sharon to curse the Duke, there must have been some motivation. I would guess that, if that were the case, Sharon might have wanted to cause pain to the Duke's mother for some reason. Fond as her Ladyship was of Sharon, she is not a kind woman.

This is just a theory at this point, of course. Daleth told the Duke that the witch who cursed him is dead – which once again would make Sharon, who was apparently friendly with witches and likely a witch herself – a possible candidate. At least, that would be the case if Daleth was trustworthy and if we were entirely sure that Sharon is dead.

But from what we've seen, Daleth is untrustworthy, as she threatens Zain to make him destroy all clues about the manner in which the Duke was cursed. Not to mention that she keeps Sharon's preserved body in a coffin – is she dead, or just asleep? Hard to tell at this point, so we'll have to wait for Season 2 to discover the exact details about the curse.


The Duke of Death and His Maid Ending Explained: Are the Duke and Alice Still Together and Will They Get Married?

We might not have the comfort of seeing the Duke freed from his curse, but seeing him happy with Alice is enough of a reward. The two experienced a bit of a rough time when Alice started worrying that their different social classes would pose a problem. She loves the Duke so much that she doesn't want to see him disinherited because of her.

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When he visited his mother, however, the Duke made his case very clear. He loves Alice, who stood by him as if his curse didn't matter when his mother dumped him in a faraway estate and forgot about him. He believes that if not for Alice we would be long dead and finally stands up to his mother, shouting his case.

While not exactly delicate, the Duke's declaration earns him his siblings' respect. His mother doesn't exactly react, but she seems secretly pleased that her son showed some nerve, so this is the closest we can get to a blessing right now.

Regardless, the Duke and Alice's romance is only beginning, if the credits in the finale are any indication, and we can't wait to see more!