Does Levi Hate His Height in Attack on Titan?

Does Levi Hate His Height in Attack on Titan Episode 87
Credit: MAPPA

Does Levi Hate His Height in Attack on Titan Episode 87
Credit: MAPPA

With the announcement of the upcoming Attack on Titan Conclusion Arc in 2023, fans are just unable to remain silent about the events of Attack on Titan Episode 87. That being said, one scene in Attack on Titan Episode 87 amuses fans by showing the funniest yet most traumatic moment in Levi Ackerman's life. Does Levi hate his height in Attack on Titan? It seems like he does now.

As of this writing, the announcement of the upcoming arc in 2023 has caused the magnum opus to continue to break the internet. In light of this, Attack on Titan Episode 87 includes a flashback to the events that led up to Eren's plan to devour the War Hammer Titan and launch a full-fledged attack on Marley.

While the first few minutes are filled with Mikasa's pleasantries and commentary, the latter half is filled with action-packed scenes straight out of the horrors of the Rumbling, complimented by Eren Yeager's monologue about his plan and desire to achieve genuine freedom, not only for himself but also for those close to him.

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Does Levi Hate His Height in Attack on Titan Episode 87?

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Credit: MAPPA

While Levi didn't seem to mind his height in previous seasons of Attack on Titan, we're not so sure this time in Attack on Titan Episode 87.

Previously, Levi doesn't mind his vertical deficiency, even remarking that the only thing that grows among Survey Corps members is their size, not their brains, implying that he doesn't feel insecure about it as long as he has the guts to deal with it.

After all, Levi's height gives him a significant advantage when he's on a titan killing spree. Levi is one of the Wings of Humanity's shortest members, standing at 160 cm. Nonetheless, he is regarded as humanity's strongest soldier. How about that?! Despite his short stature, his battle prowess in Attack on Titan is worth a thousand soldiers.

Unfortunately for the beloved captain, his time in Marley may have exacerbated his self-consciousness about his height. Levi appears to have had one of the most traumatic experiences of his life, and it has nothing to do with killing a titan or slaying the Beast Titan.

Apparently, Levi Ackerman is humiliated and embarrassed in Attack on Titan Episode 87 after their group reached the port of Marley island.

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Credit: MAPPA

Hange Zoe watches in astonishment as a clown approaches Levi from behind and asks him the most awkward question ever, while Connie, Sasha, and Jean get busy with the ice cream vendor in the background.

The clown not only addresses Levi as a child but also asks him if he wants a good and sweet candy, indicating that he is conversing with Levi Ackerman. As a result, his face looks like something out of a horror movie as he understands how embarrassing and funny it was.

It's a good thing the troublemakers are occupied with the ice cream vendor, considering Levi would have sunk in disdain and embarrassment if they hadn't. As he turns around, the clown adds to the captain's humiliation by telling him how awesome he looks in a suit and asking if he plays gangster with the other youngsters, much to Hange Zoe and Onyankopon's surprise.

While it appears that Levi intends to take down the clown after turning around, an Eldian thief diverts his attention. Fortunately for the clown, Levi is not in his area and is not wearing his omnidirectional mobility gear, or he would be dead on the ground in a matter of seconds. Just joking!

In any case, Levi's height is expected to be one of his main concerns in the future, based on his disgusted reaction. However, we all know how Levi will be severely hurt in the last battle for humanity, and how he will be yanked into a wheelchair in the events post-rumbling, so his height will most likely not be an issue.

Regardless, Levi Ackerman is still a fan favorite. He'll always be the coolest husbando in Attack on Titan, Humanity's Strongest Soldier, and Cleaning Freak, despite his short stature. Here's to the Supremacy of Levi Ackerman!

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