Top 20 Best Weapons in Attack on Titan

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Credit: Wit Studio

Attack on Titan has designed some of the best weapons in anime. Whether these weapons are used for killing titans or even humans, the anime has given a strong emphasis on every weapon’s details and development.

The weapons in the anime also come in the form of simple boulders and horses because they made a huge impact in some of the major war sequences in the series.

What if one day you become an isekai character who gets transported from the real world to the universe of Attack on Titan? How will you survive? It’s a good thing that we have compiled the 20 Best Weapons in Attack on Titan to have you prepared for battle.

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  1. Boulders

    Pros: Boulders are non-expensive because they are free. You can find it anywhere on the external and internal terrain of Paradis Island. They also come in different sizes. It is really up to you whether you can lift a larger boulder like the Beast Titan. If you can utilize its maximum potential, then you’ll be an unstoppable force that can kill a lot of people.

    Cons: You’re not fit enough to throw the boulder at the enemies. Friendly advice: do not skip leg day and please inherit Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan before trying!

  2. Parachutes

    Pros: It can be used for mid-air combat. It can also save your life while jumping out of your Marley airship. The good thing is, you can also sport the coolest eye goggles in the anime, like Reiner.

    Cons: We cannot guarantee that you will land safely. It’s up to your skills and abilities, perhaps a larger percentage of survival if you can transform into one of the nine titans like Reiner.

  3. Signal Flares

    Pros: They are easy to understand. Signal flares are one of the Survey Corps' most commonly used pieces of equipment. It also comes in different colors, like green, red, and black. Perhaps you can suggest a different color to Erwin Smith. Your choice.

    Cons: You are mandated to fire a signal flare even if you’re on the brink of death.

  4. Airships and Warships

    Pros: You’ll be in for an out-of-this-world experience. Aside from getting to ride with Eren, Mikasa, and even Levi, you will also be able to study the mechanics of both the airships and warships. It will literally feel like you’re in the middle of WWII.

    Cons: Your airships and warships can easily be bombed by your enemies. Hence, it will be the death of you. If you’re not protected by plot armor, then it’s the end for you.

  5. Bow and Arrow

    Pros: It is easy to carry while you’re running away from the titans. You will also look cool while you’re shooting arrows, given that you have a professional form. You can also ask Sasha for training!

    Cons: The bow and arrow can only be used for a limited time. Another downside is your accuracy. Plus, you can only target the eyes of the titans. It’s not like they’re going to die from your arrows even if one hits their nape.

  6. Executioner From Hell

    Pros: It is the most practical weapon for exterminating the titans. You can just stand and watch the executioner from hell finish the job. It’s like you’re still working, but the difference is that you are working smart.

    Cons: You will have to deal with Hange Zoe (lol). Perhaps another downside is how you will deal with the dead titans after the executioner from hell exterminated them.

  7. Special Target Restraining Weapon

    Pros: You’ll be able to work with Erwin Smith and some of the Survey Corps together. It will feel like you’re in a synchronous attack in which every assault will be satisfying. You’ll be able to trap huge titans with this weapon.

    Cons: Prepare to die once the special target restraint attack has failed. Get ready as Annie will flip your world around. Before you know it, you’re already in the depths of hell.

  8. Anti-Titan Rifle

    Pros: A heavy-duty weapon against titans. Fun fact: with this weapon, you can kill the Armored or Beast Titan in a single shot. You can also use it to blast your enemies if you feel like it.

    Cons: Your anti-titan artillery will be easily detected by the Nine Titans of Great Powers. So, good luck because it is a double-edged sword.

  9. Anti-Personnel Vertical Maneuvering Equipment

    Pros: It is extremely effective against your human enemies. You can ask Kenny Ackerman and the rest of his squad about the experience. If you’re aiming to be an assassin in Paradis, then this is a must-have.

    Cons: Extremely ineffective against titans, so keep a backup weapon on hand if you come across one.

  10. Annie’s Ring

    Pros: No one would suspect your ring. You can use it without everyone else knowing. Learn from Annie. The only thing that matters is how fast you can use your ring before everyone gangs up on you.

    Cons: The ring is just for those shifters of the nine titans. Aim to be one, though.

  11. Gabi’s Dynamite

    Pros: It can cause a huge explosion and instantly kill a lot of your enemies. Make dynamites with caution, as they can backfire on you if done incorrectly. Please ask Gabi to tutor you.

    Cons: It can backfire and explode on you if you’re truly an unfortunate man. You can never use it like Gabi because you don’t have her guts and scheming abilities.

  12. Armin's Pistol

    Pros: It is light and easy to use. Even if you are inexperienced at killing humans like Armin and Jean, the recoil will not even hit you in the head. If I were you, I'd buy a pistol because you can’t really tell who your real enemies are! Am I right, Captain Erwin?

    Cons: You can’t kill titans with your handy-dandy pistol.

  13. Titan Serum

    Pros: It is not a painful injection, unlike the COVID vaccine. Kidding aside, once injected with the titan serum, you’ll have the freedom to be huge, naked, and run around the streets of Paradis.

    Cons: Once you become a titan, you’ll be Levi’s target. Make sure that you’ll be eating one of the inheritors of the nine titan powers to guarantee your safety (except the Beast Titan!).

  14. Levi's Shotgun

    Pros: You can surprise your enemy, like Kenny Ackerman, with a shotgun. Aside from that, shotguns can be found in every tavern on the island of Paradis, just waiting for you to acquire them.

    Cons: Unfortunately, the tavern you are in will not have any shotguns because the owner doesn’t like violence. Perhaps the owners got traumatized upon reading the news about Levi’s incident.

  15. Thunder Spear

    Pros: They can attack the titans with a significant amount of damage. Aside from the cool details of the thunder spear, you can also greatly damage the Armored and Colossal Titan.

    Cons: They can explode within your range, so be extra careful once you release them.

  16. Horses

    Pros: You’ll be able to explore the outer walls with horses. You can also use them to run away from the titans or charge towards them. Your choice. Before I forget, you can also name your horse.

    Cons: They may abandon you in battle. You're as good as dead if you don't have your horse in the outer walls.

  17. Gabi's Sniper

    Pros: As long as your aim is accurate, you can finish the enemy in one shot. Learn from Gabi’s high accuracy. Ask her to show you how to shoot Sasha and decapitate Eren. It will be a fun training experience for the two of you.

    Cons: If your aim is not accurate, then your chances of killing someone will significantly decrease. The sniper also looks heavy, thus decreasing your mobility. Friendly advice: practice hard!

  18. Scout's Blades

    Pros: The Scouts’ blades are extremely sharp and handy. You can use it to cut through the napes of the titans and kill them. You will feel like you’re using a sword while striking your enemies.

    Cons: Your blades can be destroyed. Aside from that, you can’t easily recover your blades from the titans, leaving you unattended and unarmed. Be extra careful and always look out for supplies!

  19. ODM Gear

    Pros: Aside from killing titans, you can swing from one building to another, pretty much like Spiderman. If you know the hero Fanny from the hit 5v5 mobile game, Mobile Legends, you’ll understand how the cables work. You can also use the ODM Gear for sightseeing.

    Cons: There’s a huge possibility that your ODM Gear can easily be damaged in battles. Also, you can get eaten by an abnormal titan just by swinging back and forth on the buildings. Kindly ask Mikasa to help you out.

  20. Levi Ackerman

    Pros: Your life will be saved (if you're lucky!) every time you’re with Levi. He is Humanity’s Strongest Soldier after all. So, if you want to survive until the final season of Attack on Titan, get close to Levi. A friendly reminder that he wants his place squeaky clean all the time, and please don't join his death squad.

    Cons: You’ll die just like the Levi Squad and his childhood friends. Don’t get too close to him.

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