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Does Leorio Have Any Powers in Hunter x Hunter?

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Does Leorio Have Any Powers in Hunter x Hunter?

Leorio Paradinight is one of the protagonists in Hunter x Hunter. In the anime, Leorio rarely shows off his skills which made viewers wonder if Leorio has powers or not.

He doesn’t have flashy abilities like Killua or powerful transformations like Gon.

Unlike the other Hunter x Hunter characters, Leorio’s goal of becoming a Hunter is a bit different. He appeared to be a selfish narcissist who is obsessed with wealth.

It was later revealed that he wanted to become a doctor for the poor and being a Hunter will provide him with all the funds he needs.

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Does Leorio Have Any Powers in Hunter x Hunter?

Does Hunter x Hunter Leorio Have Powers
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Leorio is a Nen user. He is an Emitter but he postponed his training after the Hunter Exam as he was applying to a university to become a medical student.

Since Leorio’s objective is to become a doctor, he was not able to master many skills. He was able to do Ten and thinks he can do Zetsu one day.

His abilities improved during the 13th Chairman Election and he was able to master at least one Nen ability. Ging saw Leorio’s potential and believes that Leorio can possess another ability.

So far in the series, the ability that Leorio showed was the Remote Punch wherein he can strike any object within his vicinity.

Then, he emits his aura through a specific line that will travel to the point of impact on his desired location. A worm-hole circle will appear along with a fist to uppercut the target.

It can stretch more than a normal arm length can do. Ging can do the same but with an improved version so it is still unknown if Leorio can do the same advanced technique.

Aside from this, there are other abilities that Leorio has. He is known for his preternatural perception in which he was able to acquire some degree of sensorial skills.

Leorio was able to sense Kurapika’s improvement in terms of his abilities. He also has enhanced strength and medical knowledge.

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