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Doctor Strange Will Highlight Characters, Trippy Experience & Solid Cast

Marvel and essentially a lot of superhero movies have two major selling points. The storyline and the fight scenes. And for the most part, Marvel has been able to deliver on both accounts.

This year's final superhero movie, Doctor Strange, may offer something more by way of its treatment to the film. That is, it will resound faithfully to what fans of the ‘60s comics have loved.

In an interview with Los Angeles Daily News, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson revealed that fans will be in for a trippy, psychedelic ride in the movies.

More than the trippiness of the movie, which is already evident in a few teaser trailers, Doctor Strange will also be putting in some solid groundwork by way of how they utilize the roles and actors in the movie.

"I told them it should take a bold left turn, like the ‘60s comics. And I think they liked how I gravitate toward real actors, talented actors who are grounded in performances that are real, while dealing with the supernatural. That's why I've had great actors in genre films, which they usually don't do. And that was the certain the case with Doctor Strange."

One interesting point that Derrickson made is that, for the team, the cast is the best choice for how they plan to play out Doctor Strange onscreen. Take, for example, Wong, who was first decided to be left out of the movie. After doing some casting decisions, Derrickson decided that Wong will be a good addition to the story, but as a character who has been subverted compared to his comics role.

We've been hearing a lot of controversy regarding casting decisions for Doctor Strange. But I think the more important aspect is to make sure that the storyline shines.

Doctor Strange will be out in theaters on Nov. 4.

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