Blizzard Explains Overwatch Bandwidth Update for Future Gameplay

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PC players can look forward to a new update for Overwatch, and it's set to deliver some changes in terms of high bandwidth during gameplay.

Developer Blizzard has release a dev diary, seen below, to explain what will happen to the gameplay experience for PC players following the new update.

For the main part, the update allows players to retain good-quality online playtimes, regardless of how good the Internet connection is. This means even those who are suffering from poor connection can still enjoy online gaming.


The technical aspects are explained in the video. But what players need to know is that the update will allow a smoother experience by reducing interpolation. One thing that the Overwatch update will also do is to match players with poor connections with those who have similar connection quality for a smoother experience for everyone in that particular group.

For PC players with fairly good connection, the update also gives the benefit of having shorter delays thanks to the new netcode. This new update is in line with Blizzard's plan to ensure that the game will be more responsive despite the unsteady connection for some players.


So far, there is no announcement on when a similar setup will be announced for the console platforms. However, the team is already trying to figure out how to make this possible.

PS4 and Xbox One players do have something up this weekend. For the entire weekend until Sept. 12, fans on consoles can try a free play event for Overwatch. While the sample is not the full game, it has a lot of the features included, as announced in the official Overwatch website.

These include access to all the 22 heroes in Overwatch, as well as all 13 maps, including the latest Eichenwalde map. Players can level up, earn Loot Boxes, and unlock customizations—all of which you can keep in case you like the game and buy the Overwatch: Origins Edition.

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