What Are the Different Ninja Ranks and Types in Naruto?

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What Are the Different Ninja Ranks and Types in Naruto?
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Ever since Naruto was young, his dream has been to be the Kage of the Hidden Leaf Village. But in order to attain that position, he had to undergo the different ninja ranks. So, what are these ranks, and how are they different from one another? Keep reading until the end to find out!

What Are the Different Ninja Ranks?

Ninja Ranks Explained Naruto Kakashi

In Naruto, every person must first become an academy student before joining any ninja rank.

Academy students must attend school to learn about basic ninja skills and weapon usage. Once they are proficient, then they can graduate.



The lowest ninja rank in the Naruto series is Genin. Genin must wear a special headband containing the village’s symbol to differentiate them from normal citizens. This is also used to differentiate ninjas from their villages.

Naruto used to wear his headband on his head, while some put it on their sleeves, on their neck, or on their waist.

Genin are grouped into three members per team and led by a Jonin to improve their skills and teamwork.

As Genin, they are required to take on tasks under D-rank missions to help keep the village safe and improve its economy.

Since they are the lowest rank, they usually get simpler missions like finding a missing cat and helping the elderly.

Genin receive a small payment for every successful mission they accomplish.



For a Genin to move forward, they must undergo the Chunin Exams or be appointed by the village leader. The Chunin Exams take place twice a year to accommodate all aspiring ninjas. Under this rank, Chunin can watch over and guide the Genin.

Chunin are expected to be mature with a good sense of leadership. An example is Shikamaru, who took over his team's leadership role after becoming a Chunin.

Those under this rank must wear a tactical vest, which allows them to keep ninjutsu scrolls, and of course, their headband.

They still take on missions, but since they are higher than Genin, they are sent to accomplish level C or B missions and receive a higher salary.



Earlier, we mentioned that Genin are under the supervision of a Jonin. A Jonin is an experienced ninja who acts as a military captain. Aside from leading a Genin three-person group, they must also take on A-rank missions.


Highly skilled and experienced Jonin like Kakashi can have S-Rank missions with other Jonin, or alone if they want to.

Jonin are expected to be great leaders and can use two or more chakra types. To attain this rank, the village leader must appoint the ninja.

Once a ninja becomes a Jonin, he or she can be a Special Jonin or Jonin Commander.

A Special Jonin has one main specialization, while a Jonin Commander is considered the highest-ranking Jonin of a specific village.


Kage rank explained Naruto

The Kage is the leader of the village. Only five can become a kage as they represent the five powerful villages in the entire Naruto franchise unless a specific village decides to have two Kage.

The Kage's main objective is to oversee the activities of their village. Of course, the leader must be the most powerful ninja in the village, which explains why Naruto had always dreamed of this role.

The Kage can retire and pass on the title to someone they believe is deserving of the role as they grow older.

While there is no specific rule that a Kage must undergo the main ninja ranks (Genin, Chunin, and Jonin), only Naruto skipped those and became a Kage.

After failing the Chunin Exams, he could not take another test as he had to train separately under Jiraiya.


What Are the Different Types of Ninjas?

Different Ninja Types Explained Naruto Sasuke

Aside from the various ranks, ninjas also fall into different types according to their specialty or background. As such, here are the different types of ninjas in Naruto:



ANBU or Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai are considered the Assassination Tactics Special Force of the village. They work under the village leader and act as assassination squads.

They wear a porcelain animal mask to hide their identities during missions and to differentiate them from other ninjas.


They must also wear black and grey armor, signature spiral tattoos, Ninjato, and arm guards.

Assassins are expected to know several techniques to finish the job smoothly and accurately. This also explains why they are considered elite ninjas

However, it was not explained how a ninja becomes part of the ANBU. We can only assume that they are chosen by the village leader as well.

Military Police Force

Military Police Force

Another group that has a similar role to the ANBU is the military police force. Before Itachi massacred the entire Uchiha clan, only members of the Uchiha clan could become military police. They create and execute laws to keep the village at peace.


During Tsunade’s reign as the village leader, she created a special task force called Niju Shotai.

The objective of this group is to track, capture, and eliminate Akatsuki members.

The village leader has the power to create other similar groups, depending on the village's needs.

Medical Ninja

Medical Ninja

From the name itself, a Medical Ninja is an expert in the medical field. They are tasked to heal others and assist during battles. Some well-known ninjas in this group are Tsunade, Sakura, and Shizune.

Medical Ninja must have excellent chakra control and taijutsu skills. They must also join dangerous missions to guarantee the team's survival.

Rogue Ninja

A Rogue Ninja is someone who has abandoned their village. The best and most popular example of this is none other than Sasuke.

They are automatically considered traitors. As such, they are hunted down to prevent them from sharing information about their village with other people.

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