Why Does Naruto Love Ramen?

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Why Does Naruto Love Ramen?

Viewers don’t need to watch the whole 700+ episodes of Naruto or read the whole manga just to remember how much he loves ramen. From the beginning of the series up to the Boruto franchise, Naruto has been constantly in-love with this food, but why does Naruto love ramen?

He can eat it three times a day. He will be seen spending his days eating at Ichiraku Ramen with his friends and even mentors. There is no concrete answer to this, however, the hints from all the Naruto episodes released can give fans a closer understanding of why Naruto enjoys this food and somehow be able to understand him too.

Why Does Naruto Love Ramen?

Why Does Naruto Love Ramen? Boruto
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One theory that fans have is that the name Narutomaki, an ingredient in ramen, sounds like Naruto Uzumaki. It has also been revealed that Naruto’s name was derived from one of Jiraiya’s books, as Minato’s mentor is Jiraiya himself. What was interesting is that Jiraiya came up with that name while he was eating ramen.

Although that might just be a coincidence, some of it might be a factor as to why Naruto was drawn to the food so much, especially if Jiraiya told him about it. Another theory is that Naruto was invited to the shop when he was young, and since then, the place has been a comfort zone for him. This was seen in the end credits sequence in Naruto Shippuden.

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Other customers shown were Naruto’s parents, his mentors, and even his date with Hinata. Ichiraku was his second home, where he spent a lot of time with the people he cares about. This could link to his unconditional love for ramen too. Some fans believe that it was just his favorite food. Since all of us have that one food we could eat all our lives, ramen could be that dish for Naruto.

Naruto’s personality gave color to the series. His passion and determination to achieve his dream were able to inspire viewers to do the same in their own lives. His love for ramen is one of the key characteristics that make him stand out, along with his catchphrase.


Whether his love for ramen really has a meaning or not, it was enjoyable to see him have fun as he eat his favorite food.

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