Naruto Live-Action Short Brings The Uchiha Massacre to Life

Naruto is still considered to be one of the most popular anime shows in the world, and many fans have paid tribute to its best scenes in various ways. From art to cosplays and parody videos, the fandom will create about anything to show their passion for the shonen series created by Masashi Kishimoto. Now, one of the latest live-action shorts brings one of Itachi's most memorable moments to life.

YouTuber RE: ANIME has released a new video called NARUTO LIVE ACTION: Itachi's Path, which features the Uchiha Massacre in a brand-new way. The short is only three minutes-long, but it shows a live-action look at Itachi killing his parents. Fans of the Naruto manga and anime series will remember the conversation Itachi had with his parents before he was forced to kill them. This act was the main reason why Itachi's brother, Sasuke, wanted to enact revenge on him in Naruto's earlier arcs.

Watch NARUTO LIVE ACTION: Itachi's Path below:

Itachi is featured in the shadow through Kento Matsunami as he gets ready to take the life of his parents away despite his fears. Itachi's father is played by Nobuaki Shimamoto, and his mother is played by Chikako Fukuyama. At the end, the young Sasuke can be heard as he's voiced by Rie Yoshida in this Naruto short.

This short shows the quiet scene that set Itachi up as a villain in the early arcs of Naruto, but the narrative shifted in Naruto: Shippuden as it revealed that the ninja's massacre was done in mercy as his clan was plotting to overthrow the Hidden Leaf. To save his villain and his people, Itachi decided to kill his clan with his younger brother being the only exception, and thanks to RE-ANIME, fans can watch a live-action version of this heartbreaking scene.

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