DIA Heartbreak: PocketDol Confirms Contract Termination With Somyi

Credit: 다이아 DIA [OFFICIAL]/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: 다이아 DIA [OFFICIAL]/YouTube Screenshot

DIA, short for DIAMOND, became one of the most promising K-pop groups following their debut in 2015. Upon the act's official introduction into the world of South Korean Entertainment, they won awards and obtained nominations for their overall appeal and production.

A few months later, though, one of its members left the group. Two more followed in 2018 and 2019, respectively, and another one this year.

AllKpop recently released a report about the latest developments, covering the official announcement from its label.

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Somyi Ends Exclusive Contract With PocketDol Studio

On Sunday, PocketDol Studio released a statement to Herald Pop, informing the public about DIA member Somyi's contract. It stated that the idol's exclusive deal with them has ended due to "personal health reasons."

The publication noted, though, that the K-pop star recently debuted as a Broadcast Jockey (BJ) on PandaTV. It is a platform that mainly houses 19 and above adult content, causing her to reportedly draw attention from various online communities.

In her new venture, which began in November, she utilizes the screen name, "Chomyi."

Meanwhile, the artist herself has yet to break her silence about the matter. Nevertheless, the public has expressed their support toward Somyi.

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Inactive DIA Member Since 2020

Somyi was not an original member of DIA. She got to join the group in 2107, alongside Jueun, and debuted through the act's second studio album, YOLO.

The K-pop artists dropped more music collections in the following years. But, prior to the release of their most recent album, Flower 4 Seasons, in June 2020, PocketDol Studio confirmed that the act would promote as a five-member group without Somyi and Chaeyeon.

She had since remained silent and inactive on official activities. Although she updated her social media accounts in August 2020, saying she was back from her hiatus, fans had not still seen her afterward.

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Future Of The K-pop Group

Amid the talks about Somyi's exit, Pocketol Studio has not given the public any information about the remaining members' future activities. Accordingly, it remains unclear when they will make another comeback or appearance.

DIA last made an official engagement with their fans and followers through their latest album in 2020.

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