BLACKPINK: Jisoo Talks About 'Hopes' For New Year

Credit: Christian Dior/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Christian Dior/YouTube Screenshot

BLACKPINK has yet to make an official comeback as a group in the world of K-pop. But, despite this, its members have maintained busy solo careers, taking on various ventures.

For Jisoo, she has been focused on her first acting stint for the series, Snowdrop. The material just recently premiered on JTBC and Disney+.

Amid the airing of the episodes, the K-pop idol had an interview with DAZED Korea. She happens to be the cover of the magazine’s January issue, wherein she discussed her desires and hopes for the new year, according to Koreaboo.

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Jisoo Taking On New Challenges

The BLACKPINK member discussed several things about herself. In one part of the engagement, she opened up about her “hopes,” as well as her outlook in life for 2022.

Jisoo said that she wants to take on new challenges this year in a “bold” and “fearless” way. While “things may not always go smoothly,” she said \she will do her “best without regrets.”

The Snowdrop star continued that she desires to become a “better person in 2022.” She explained that she would try to do so by “continuously looking inward.

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Thankful For BLACKPINK Fans

In the same engagement, Jisoo expressed her gratitude toward her and their group’s fans, according to NME. She thanked them for her success, noting that achieving everything was “possible” because of their “unwavering” support.

In the end, the BLACKPINK idol shared her wish for them to “continue to walk” with her in the new year. She also assured fans that she will greet them all with “even better things,” thus, making them happy along with her.

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Snowdrop: Success Amid Controversies

Jisoo, alongside the cast and production teams of Snowdrop, has faced numerous controversies these past few months. Several individuals even called for the cancellation of the series due to alleged distortion of key historical events in South Korea.

Despite the ongoing criticisms, the BLACKPINK idol-led drama has performed outstandingly on the platforms where it is currently airing. Pinkvilla reported that it has ranked first on Disney+ Korea and topped charts across many countries.

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