A Pink Confirms 6-Member Comeback Ahead Pink Eve Event

A Pink has remained active in the K-pop scene in the last decade. Since their debut in 2011, the all-female act has continued to expand their audience reach across the globe.

Fans and followers last enjoyed a full comeback of the act in 2020. The six members dropped the Look album in April of the said year and another single, Thank You, the following year.

Amid celebrating the group’s 10th anniversary, though, one of the members did not renew her contract with their agency, IST Entertainment. This seemingly led to the public’s confusion as to whether they will still return as a six-member act in their future productions.

A Pink To Return To The K-pop Scene In 2022

Earlier this week, however, speculations emerged that A Pink would return as a six-member group for an official comeback. But, it was only on Thursday when the K-pop idols, alongside their label, confirmed the reports.

AllKpop said that IST Entertainment released an official announcement about the matter. As noted, the six South Korean artists are gearing up for a “full group comeback” in February 2022.

The statement did not include any other details, though, including the exact date or form of return. Nevertheless, fans are in celebration upon learning that Na-Eun will participate in the upcoming music production.

Na-Eun To Join Upcoming Comeback

A Pink debuted as a seven-member K-pop group in 2011. Two years later, though, Hong Yoo Kyung left to finish her studies.

The all-female act has since continued their activities in the industry with the remaining six members.

On April 29, 2021, ten days after their 10th debut anniversary, member Na-Eun did not renew her contract with IST Entertainment. She signed with YG Entertainment instead.

But, despite leaving the label, she will participate in the group’s upcoming comeback next year.

Pink Eve To Mark 10th Anniversary

These days, the six members have also been preparing for their fan meeting event titled Pink Eve. The idols will celebrate their 10th year in the K-pop industry with their fans and followers.

Ticket reservations for both A Pink fan club members and non-members were already accomplished earlier this month. The official event will take place on December 31, at 7 p.m.

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