Why TWICE Now Find It Harder To Memorize Lyrics

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE is seemingly ending the year with a blast. After releasing their third full-length album, the all-female K-pop group has continued to reach new milestones in their career.

As part of their promotions, the nine members appeared on SEVENTEEN for an interview. They also participated in the material’s game, “Then vs. Now,” wherein they shared their thoughts, as well as experiences in the last six years.

In one of the questions they received, they talked about the difficulties they are now facing when it comes to memorizing lyrics. Koreaboo released a report on the matter, revealing what the K-pop stars had to say.

TWICE Members' Difficulties In Memorizing Lyrics Today

TWICE acknowledged that the members have noticed the difference in the amount of time it takes for them to learn the lyrics of their songs by heart between now and before.

Nayeon began the explanation and stated that they now sing in many foreign languages. For her, being Korean is her first language, she struggles to remember non-Korean words.

Sana agreed to her co-member’s response. She added, though, that the length of the practice period also plays an integral role in this aspect.

She revealed that, in the past, they had more time to focus on their memorizations before recording the materials.

Improvements On Choreography

While TWICE admits that they find it hard to memorize lyrics today in comparison to before, they appreciate the improvements of every member, especially in choreography. The K-pop idols talked about these “changes” in the same engagement.

Momo said that some members took longer to perfect the steps and movements in the past. But, now, she stated that everyone learns them fast.

Nayeon argued, however, that they had less time for the choreography back then. She recalled that they had a “tighter timeline” in comparison to today.

But, on Jihyo’s part, she sees the apparent growth and improvements of TWICE when it comes to the choreography. She cited their “movement lines” and “combinations” as examples, saying they are now more refined and better.

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