Demon Slayer: 10 Funniest Moments in the Hashira Training Arc (So Far)

funniest moments demon slayer hashira training arc genya
Credit: Koyoharu Gotoge / SHUEISHA, Aniplex, ufotable

funniest moments demon slayer hashira training arc genya
Credit: Koyoharu Gotoge / SHUEISHA, Aniplex, ufotable

Nezuko calling Zenitsu “Inosuke” is just one of the funniest moments in the Hashira Training Arc of Demon Slayer. As more episodes get released, more hilarious moments will please fans, as if the demon slayers will not go to war in the following story arcs.

From Giyu Tomioka’s side comments about Sanemi Shinazugawa to Muichiro’s obvious favoritism for Tanjiro, the Hashira Training Arc is laidback; a stark difference from the usual story arcs of Demon Slayer.

  1. Nezuko Calls Zenitsu “Inosuke”

    The first episode of the Hashira Training Arc is a tragic one for Zenitsu, not because his life was at risk but because his love interest insulted him by calling him a different name.

    Following Zenitsu’s deadly mission, he went to the Butterfly Estate to treat his injuries and visit Tanjiro and Nezuko. He was off to a good start as he reunited with the butterfly sisters, and of course, Nezuko.

    However, Nezuko suddenly calls Zenitsu "Inosuke,” which is a huge slap in the face.

    Unbeknownst to Zenitsu, Inosuke has been teaching Nezuko how to pronounce his name over and over again ever since he learned that Nezuko can speak again.

    Try again next time, Zenitsu!

  2. Mitsuri Forces Tanjiro to Do a Split

    Aside from wearing a feminine body suit in the shade of pink, Tanjiro also suffered from the severe flexibility training that Mitsuri Kanroji has come up with.

    Although Mitsuri is kind and gentle during training, her methods are insanely painful. In fact, Tanjiro couldn't stop screaming from the pain Mitsuri's flexibility exercises have caused.

    It’s the best chance to have a skinship with Mitsuri, but is it worth it? Doing splits looks simple, but in reality, it’s not simple at all!

  3. Mitsuri Talks about Her Demon Slayer Mark

    Similar to Tanjiro, Mitsuri has a hard time describing what happened to her body when she first activated her demon slayer mark.

    She was telling Amane Ubuyashiki and the rest of the hashira about her experience, but she never really pinpointed the requirements to activate the demon slayer mark.

    Most of her statement can never be understood by a normal person, so it made Mitsuri really embarrassed.

    Even Obanai has to shake his head because of Mitsuri’s funny and overly exaggerated way of telling her experience.

    Giyu and the rest of the hashira were also stunned to hear Mitsuri’s statement, which made the scene even funnier.

  4. Giyu Tells Sanemi He Has a Simple Mind

    Giyu and Sanemi never get along with each other. Sanemi hates how aloof Giyu is and how he separates himself from the other hashira, not knowing the true reason he prefers to be alone.

    During the meeting with Amane, Giyu was sitting across from Sanemi while Muichiro talked about his experience when he activated his demon slayer mark.

    After that, Sanemi made a side comment, saying that activating the demon slayer mark is a simple thing to do, which Giyu immediately refuted.

    While Giyu did not directly say that Sanemi has a simple mind, his words obviously pertain to Sanemi’s simple-mindedness, resulting in an awkward pause during the hashira meeting.

  5. Inosuke Breaks the Butterfly Estate’s Windows

    Inosuke has always been wild and reckless so it wasn’t a surprise that he came crashing through Tanjiro’s windows to visit him. It was a flashy entrance, worthy of Uzui Tengen’s praise but also worthy of Shinobu Kocho’s reprimand.

    Funny, Genya, who was also staying in the same room as Tanjiro, had to cover his ears due to the chaos that unfolded in front of him.

    It’s not only Inosuke who made the place messy but also Haganezuka, who came to deliver Tanjiro’s new sword.

    Genya just wants peace, but Tanjiro’s companions are there to cause a huge commotion!

  6. Tanjiro Bothers Giyu Tomioka

    Truly, Tanjiro Kamado is the worst opponent for an introvert and loner like Giyu Tomioka. He was meditating peacefully in his humble estate when Tanjiro slipped his head through the sliding door to bring chaos!

    Throughout Tanjiro’s stay in Giyu’s estate, he never left the in-denial Water Hashira alone, bugging him the whole day. Even the comfort room was not safe for Giyu to stay in, as Tanjiro was able to find him.

    Not to mention, Tanjiro even challenged Giyu to a soba eating contest to make his point!

  7. Muichiro’s Favoritism

    Since their time together in the Swordsmith Village Arc, Muichiro and Tanjiro have become good friends.

    Muichiro has drastically changed how he treats Tanjiro, going so far as to give him a genuine smile whenever they see each other.

    Seeing this unfold, the other demon slayers who were training under Muichiro couldn’t help but wonder why the Mist Hashira favored Tanjiro.

    When Muichiro is not talking to Tanjiro, he switches to his usual cold and aloof demeanor, making it harder for the other trainees to approach him!

  8. Obanai's Jealousy

    The Serpent Hashira clearly has feelings for Mitsuri Kanroji, but something inside him prevents him from pursuing the Love Hashira.

    It’s likely because of the situation, but he shows his affection for the Love Hashira in his own way by giving her socks and more.

    Lately, Obanai has been hating Tanjiro due to his close relationship with Mitsuri.

    When he read Mitsuri’s letter, he couldn’t help himself from asking Tanjiro to stay away from Mitsuri. He even gave Tanjiro a difficult time when they were training together.

    Still, it was impressive that Obanai didn’t kill Tanjiro after everything he read in Mitsuri’s letter.

  9. Zenitsu Tries to Escape from Shinazugawa

    Before Tanjiro can reach Sanemi Shinazugawa’s estate, he stumbles upon Zenitsu, who’s trying to escape from the Wind Hashira’s harsh and ruthless training.

    Zenitsu tells Tanjiro about his horrifying experience and his attempt to escape because he thinks he will die at the hands of the Wind Hashira.

    Well, it was expected of Zenitsu, who always feels like he’ll die in the series.

  10. Tanjiro Never Forgets

    Tanjiro’s rock-hard head never forgets, especially when it comes to people who harmed his beloved sister.

    When Tanjiro met Sanemi in episode 5, he told Sanemi that he had never forgotten how he stabbed his sister. It was the best reply to Sanemi, who told Tanjiro that he would never like him.

    Sanemi and Tanjiro are not on good terms since the former wants to kill the latter and Nezuko due to their forbidden situation.

    Funny, at the end of the episode, Tanjiro received a restraining order, preventing him from coming near Sanemi!

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